IT Support Helping You Relocate Your Infrastructures

Moving to a larger space or opening another location is proof that all your hard work is paying off. However, expanding a business can present different logistical and operational challenges. For one, you have to handle all the logistics of the transfer without interrupting your company and leaving your customers in the dark. Indeed, relocating to new premises can be difficult, but engineering and planning it correctly can make the process smooth sailing.

With the sophisticated IT infrastructures deployed in your office, relocation has taken on a new level of difficulty. Setting up new phone lines and broadband access as well as transferring private servers requires a lot of work. Fortunately, there are IT support companies in Columbia that can help you.

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How to Go About Your IT Relocation Columbia

So, how are you going to achieve peace of mind when relocating your IT? When managing a move, here are some things you need to consider:

Site Inspection

When you are moving to a new location, you can do it on your own or you can get the help of an IT support company in Columbia and other areas. Give a copy of the site blueprint to your preferred IT professional so they can check and review the location of any wiring requirements, such as:

  • Broadband Internet cables
  • Phone systems
  • Electrical wiring and outlets
  • Wireless access points

If you have a thorough list of all these structures, it would be easier to draw up a precise IT relocation strategy.

  1. The Need for Professional Help

    If you are not sure how to proceed with your IT relocation, do not hesitate to outsource IT, consultants. IT support in Columbia like Swift Systems can augment your own tech department to ease the process of moving.

    Professional IT personnel have the right knowledge and experience. They can advise you the best solutions for your IT support needs. They can also assist you with the design and deployment of all of the company's on-site equipment.

    If you switch to a new location, you can't just load the servers and machines in the crates, and then deploy them in a new room. You would need to build a totally different network architecture focused on the configuration of the new site. Managed IT companies can help reduce network downtime, bringing the business back to normal quicker.

  2. Design and Build Process

    The design process involves making a draft for your new IT infrastructure needs. It would be ideal to have at least one technician who will manage the whole moving process. Relocating often comes with unwanted problems and annoyances, and without on-site staff, even the best-laid plans can still go wrong.

    You may need to move servers and install new telephone lines to meet the demands of your company, and this takes some time to finalize. Time is very important when it comes to relocating your IT infrastructures, and that is a move that you want to take early in the moving process to minimize downtime.

    Server relocation

    Servers are crucial in your IT operations. They contain incredibly valuable and sensitive data. If its ability to remain competitive becomes significantly reduced, it could affect your business processes. As such, relocating your servers needs to be planned thoroughly.

    In addition, the removal of your servers and all their accompanying equipment should be done carefully. Working with a professional and experienced IT company will let you rest assured that your equipment will be transported safely.

    Phone lines and Internet

    Phone lines and the internet are tools that enable modern business communication. As part of your site survey, you must look at the existing communication lines and determine how you will set up a new connection.

  3. Update Network Security Management

    Businesses can be vulnerable to cyber breaches during the relocation process. When you relocate or upgrade your IT infrastructure, take this time to improve your network security management as well. IT companies provide network security specialists to help tighten up security and put new safeguards in place to protect the valuable company and customer data. Operating alongside qualified professionals with expertise in complicated IT structures is an important way to effectively reduce such threats.

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