How to Have a Solid IT Infrastructure for Your Small Business

An IT infrastructure is a set of components that include hardware, software, networks, and facilities. It aims to deliver, monitor, control, and support the operational practices of an IT environment. Having an internal IT infrastructure is vital for businesses to be able to provide technological solutions to employees, partners, and clients,

However, with the complexity of technologies, it can be challenging to develop a solid IT infrastructure. Choosing and implementing tools for file sharing, communications, storage, network security, and help desk support takes a lot of time and expertise. Hiring IT support in Ellicott City and taking note of the tips below can help you set up an IT infrastructure that meets the needs of your business.

IT support Ellicott City
  1. Choosing essential equipment

    When building your own IT infrastructure, always prioritize the essential components such as:

    • Hardware

      Start with the hardware, which is the backbone of your network. Decide whether you would like to work with Apple or Windows OS, and then purchase several workstations that are enough for your employees. If you are planning to expand your business in the future, invest in a decent server. For most small operations, a ratio of one server to ten users is practical.

    • Software

      The software you will procure depends on the operating system your network will be running upon, as well as the productivity tools you will be using daily. Consider the needs of your business and shop around for the tools that can streamline your processes.

      Aside from stand-alone software like Microsoft Office, you may also try productivity tools available online like Google’s G-Suite. It allows you to create, edit and share documents online, providing better connectivity for shared team ventures.

      For e-commerce businesses, now is the time to get web hosting solutions.

    • Communication

      Email is one of the key communication tools used by companies. To communicate effectively, you need to get the right email services. New and smaller companies sign up with email hosts as it allows them to be more flexible and it reduces their management overheads.

      Another important communication tool is the telephone. To make and receive business calls, it is preferable to install VoIP business phone systems as it is cost-effective and provides a number of features not available in traditional telephony.

  2. Embrace simplicity

    If you want your business to succeed fast, it would be best to go for a standardized approach. Choosing standardized products saves you from shelling out money for complex and costly training programs, onboarding and troubleshooting costs, and vendor updates implementation.

  3. Scalability is the key

    When developing IT infrastructure, think about the potential growth of your business, as well as any existing business plans. It is advisable to choose products that are scalable – something that gives you the option to add functionalities at a later date.

    Fortunately, there are so many cloud-based services that you can use today so it’s easier than ever to scale your costs and functions based on your requirements. Cloud based systems are known to be extremely adaptive, high functioning, economical, and scalable across different industries.

  4. Keep Processes Intuitive

    While building up your IT system, make sure to set out guidelines and procedures that you will implement from the start, with lasting and traceable repairs in mind. Avoid over-engineering your system and creating a network of quick temporary solutions to repair issues.

    IT systems are complicated and maintaining and remembering all of your quick fixes will be difficult. Also, it becomes impossible to take a break, or delegate responsibility if your staff is not familiar with your Band-Aid solutions.

  5. Outsourcing IT infrastructure

    IT support in Ellicott City and other areas can offer support and knowledge to develop your infrastructure. Instead of spending much of your time building networks and integrating software, IT support companies can do the work for you. This will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Also, outsourcing an IT team provides dedicated employees that can assist you with server support, data protection, and computer security.

    When seeking out IT Support, look for companies that respond quickly and efficiently. They should not leave you hanging on the phone for hours just to get through tech support. Getting a quick response from your IT provider will save you from stress.

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