Data Backup Storage Hagerstown

Data Backup Storage Hagerstown

Data backups help users restore their data after losing it for any reason. However, some backups fail, hence jeopardizing your data protection plan. It helps if you know the usual causes of failure in using the data backup storage in Hagerstown. 

4 Reasons Data Backup Storage in Hagerstown Fail  

Professional backup and disaster recovery services know to prevent them from happening to your backup strategy.

  1. Human Error 

Around 85% of data breaches involved the human factor. Human error is among the top reasons why backups fail. Typical causes include the improper storage of tape drives, accidental deletion, lost equipment, and poor data security habits. Other human errors that lead to compromised backups are ignoring the cloud and not testing data restoration. 

Many small organizations without the financial capacity to train their staff in handling backups fall under this category. The best way to prevent human errors from ruining your data storage backup strategies is to teach them. 

Teach your employees to observe the best practices in data protection. If you want more assurance, hire people who know how to perform backups and restorations. Don’t risk asking staff to do it if data backups are not a part of their primary job description. Otherwise, you might compromise your data’s integrity. 

If you ask the experts, they say it would be better to automate the backup process. This way, you can remove or at least minimize the human element and make your cloud data backup storage near Hagerstown more reliable.

  1. Media Failure 

All types of backup media are at risk of failing. Media-related issues are one of the top reasons backups fail, so you should handle backup media with care.

 Observe the manufacturer’s handling and storage instructions if you use tape backup. Follow best practices in using them, such as replacing them regularly and cleaning them as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Disk backups are also at risk of media failure. Some users consider SATA disk arrays one of the best data storage solutions because they are more affordable than other media. However, they still need spare disks and redundant power sources to reduce the chances of media failure.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) may have a lower risk of failure than hard disk drives (HDDs), but they have a shorter lifespan. They still need redundancy for better data protection. 

 You can reduce the overall risk of media failure by following the 3-2-1 rule. It suggests preparing three copies of your files on two different media with one copy saved off-site.

  1. Software-related Issues

When you update your software, it sometimes causes backup failure. The new software might activate the firewall, something your data backup storage near Hagerstown might not support. If this happens, your backup is likely to fail.

Another potential issue involves misconfiguration. As new backup software programs get developed, they also tend to become more complex. If you check off the wrong option while initiating the process, it might lead to backup failure. 

If you oversee the backup process yourself, you need to choose which files to copy carefully. Every time you make changes to your database and network, you should double-check the files you want to be backed up. 

  1. Infrastructure Failure  

Backups count on the reliability of Hagerstown’s data backup storage infrastructure. But given how many types of infrastructure might be involved in an organization’s data storage backup strategies, it increases the data’s vulnerability.

The typical backup infrastructure includes servers, tape drives, networks, disk arrays, and cloud storage. If you want to improve your data protection, you should ensure redundancy. It goes back to the 3-2-1 backup rule. 

If you want to work with professional data backup services, sign detailed service-level agreements with them. It will ensure that a system will take over all your backup needs, especially after an incident or disaster. 

  Reducing Risks of Failed Data Backup Storage in Hagerstown

You can further reduce the possibility of a failed backup if you conduct regular tests on data restoration. It might not stop the failure, but at least it will help pinpoint potential problem areas before it’s too late. You can remedy a failed backup better if you spot it before needing the backups. 

 Have you decided not to risk your data over failed backups? Let our experienced IT team here at Swift Systems help. We provide managed cloud backup, continuous data protection, advanced backup filter, scalability, and more.

Swift offers data backup storage near Hagerstown so contact us for a free consultation today!

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