Data Backup Storage Hagerstown

Data Backup Storage Hagerstown

Data backups help users restore their data after losing it for any reason. However, some backups fail, hence jeopardizing your data protection plan. It helps if you know the usual causes of failure

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Data Backup Storage in Germantown

Data Backup Storage Near Germantown

In 2021, data breaches due to ransomware cost companies an average of $4.62 million. Companies that compromise 50 to 65 million records will lose $401 million on average. Regardless of your

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Backup Plan

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans Offer Remarkable Benefits

  Any small business could get ahead of the pack by developing a data backup and disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan (BCP). Research shows that small businesses frequently

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Data Protection Requirements

Data Protection Requirements

Data breaches serve as a constant reminder that consumers’ personal data is vulnerable to exposure and risks. With data breaches happening nowadays, the industry is impelled to take regulatory

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Data Protection Benefits

Business Benefits Of Offering Data Protection

Data protection, also referred to as data privacy or information privacy, is the process of securing data and important information from being compromised or corrupted. It also involves the

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Data protection Services

Importance of Data Protection Services

With most of our data being digitized today, the use of data protection services has become more important than ever. Outsourcing data protection services will allow you to back up your data off-site

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How to Choose IT Services in Frederick

Many businesses will eventually experience the point in their growth when an IT service provider becomes necessary. Whether you’re handling large amounts of data or you need a network that

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Lessons Learned from the Atlanta Government Hack

A cyberattack on your business is something you don’t realize the devastating effects of until it actually happens. Having a proactive plan in place is the most important step when dealing with a

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manufacturing cyber security

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Manufacturers that Will Prevent Expensive Downtime

I’m not sure congratulations are in order here, but during the second quarter of 2017 manufacturers attained the number one spot becoming the top targeted sector for cyber-attacks. According to the

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What is a Virtual Data Center

What is a Virtual Data Center?

Those of us immersed in IT on a daily basis often forget that, for most people, many of the technical phrases we use can sound like a foreign language. The term “virtual data center” is a good

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