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In 2021, data breaches due to ransomware cost companies an average of $4.62 million. Companies that compromise 50 to 65 million records will lose $401 million on average. Regardless of your database’s size, a malware attack will still hurt you financially. But you can minimize this risk by getting data backup storage in Germantown.

Why Use Cloud Data Backup Storage in Germantown?

One of IBM’s recommendations to reduce a breach’s financial fallout is to work with a managed security services provider. A managed cloud backup provider will tell you why you should have a cloud backup:

Continuous Data Protection

Reliable backup providers can give you continuous data protection. It means your data is both secured and accessible 24/7, whenever you need it. You will always have access to your backup, something you will need after a disaster.

Using online backups for business is better than traditional backup methods. You might only access the latter during the provider’s business hours. Getting your critical data will also take time, especially if your traditional backup is stored off-site.

Cloud data backup storage Germantown offers continuous data security. It usually comes with automation, backup and recovery, and retention capabilities. It often features incremental backups, retention policies, flexible backup schedules, multiple backup sets, and archiving.

An experienced backup provider will also discuss Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with you. RPO refers to the point when data loss will negatively affect your operation. RTO refers to the target time to restore data, systems, and applications after the downtime. The provider will then suggest the appropriate data backup and recovery solution for you.

Flexibility from Cloud Data Backup Storage in Germantown Provide

If you have a reliable cloud backup provider, your IT team will have more time to attend to core business operations and services. You can focus more on your customers and ensure their satisfaction. You can leave everything related to data backup to your provider, giving you flexibility.

Online backups for businesses support a flexible working arrangement for your employees. It also makes you less worried about how easily you can access your backups after a disaster, data breach, or a similar incident.


You can find backup providers offering services at fixed rates or on a pay-as-you-go basis. The former arrangement will likely charge you at a fixed cost per backed-up device. The latter will bill you at the end of a particular period based on how much cloud backup storage you have used. It will help you save money without wasting backup service features.

Improved Data Management

Cloud data backup Germantown makes data management simpler for your IT administrators. They can control your backup better using one interface for everything. This arrangement also means that you need fewer system administrators and tech specialists. More of your IT staff can work on other critical tasks that demand more attention.


Make room for future growth in your online backups for business, something that cloud backup can provide. It’s all thanks to the cloud’s flexible data centers. This scalability supports growing business needs for storage to accommodate more software, processes, and infrastructure.


One of the things you can expect from a great cloud backup provider is regular reporting. These reports will show you the status of the devices in your network and what potential issues you should resolve. They often come from automated monitoring that can notify you about problems in storage space or bandwidth overload.

Your provider can quickly spot issues and resolve them to prevent downtime and operation disruption because of automatic reporting. It also allows you to forecast how much more data backup storage in Germantown and other needs you should prepare.

Disaster Recovery

Using cloud-based backup storage means you don’t need to worry about disasters affecting your on-site data. You can count on your off-site storage in the cloud to restore your data. Even if your on-site and traditional media data are gone, it won’t matter as much. Your provider’s disaster recovery preparedness will ensure business continuity.

Are you ready to migrate your data backup to the cloud now? If you are, call Swift Systems for efficient storage backup and recovery. We can store your data in our flexible data center, conduct routine backups, and secure your data. Swift also offers multiple backups, scalability, 256-bit SSL security, and continuous data protection.

Work with technical experts on data backup storage in Germantown who can help. Contact Swift Systems today for a free consultation about the ideal backup and recovery solution for you!

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