What to Expect If You Don't Have Data Backup Services?

Have you ever considered forgoing the process of backing up your data? You might be one of those who think you can save money if you do it yourself and use regular data storage solutions. Unfortunately, these might not be enough for your backup needs, which is why you should consider data backup services in Rockville.

How Data Loss Usually Happens

If you don't get data backup solutions, an accidentally deleted file or a computer will be disastrous. Here is how this kind of disaster usually unfolds:

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  • Someone accidentally deletes files or fails to secure their credentials. These are two of the usual causes of data loss, but they are more human errors than technical ones. A data protection report showed that compromised credentials led to 20% of the breaches that cost an average of $4.37 million.
  • Malware attacks are also among the top causes of data loss, which is why you need excellent data backup services in Rockville. It is an added data protection on top of the proactive use of anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Hard drive damage is another disastrous cause of data compromise. The damage may happen due to physical shock, power issues, firmware corruption, water damage, human errors, hardware failure, and other mishaps.
  • Electrical failures also lead to data loss. Even when you turn the system back on, data lost without a backup might get wiped out. It emphasizes the importance of data backup services in Rockville.
  • Accidents may happen if you fail to secure and back up data correctly. When your computers and data storage systems get burned, flooded, or damaged during another natural disaster, you'll lose your data. If you don't want this to happen, it's time to think about data backup and recovery.

What Particular Data Is At Risk?

If you think you can skip on data backup and recovery to save money, you might want to reconsider it. It helps to know what types of data are more vulnerable to data loss and what happens after the incident.

Here are the data types you should be extra watchful for because of their vulnerability and importance:

  • Legal papers
  • General business papers
  • Customer data
  • Employee records
  • Historical records
  • Accounting records
  • Contracts

Impacts of Not Getting Data Backup Services in Rockville

So, what happens if the data cited above gets lost? Expect the following:

1. Lower productivity

A data breach can significantly disrupt your operations, especially when the investigation starts. In some cases, the process might require a complete shutdown for weeks or months. It might cost you thousands of dollars per day or hour, something data backup services in Rockville can prevent.

2. Lower revenue

In a 2021 report, a data breach may cost organizations an average of $4.24 million, the highest in 17 years. It is cheaper to pay for an excellent data backup and recovery solution.

The financial cost of a data breach comes from the loss of operation, customer compensation, incident response, breach investigation, and legal fees. Other costs come from updating existing security measures, and expensive regulatory penalties. A data breach also lowers share price and valuation.

3. Damaged reputation

A 2018 study also showed that one of four US-based respondents would choose to stop doing business with a company after a breach. Two out of three Americans admitted to trusting a company less after a breach. Protect your reputation with reliable data backup services in Rockville.

4. Data loss

A data breach that involves compromising personally identifiable information (PII) can seriously affect the company and its customers. PII may include a person's name, email address, home address, credit card number, and more.

In the healthcare setting, a breach that causes the loss of medical records can be disastrous for the patients. It may affect their medical treatment and quality of life.

5. Legal problems

Victims of a data breach may pursue legal action against the liable organizations. Equifax had to pay over $700 million to US customers who were among the over 145 million affected people. Avoid costly legal problems with data backup services in Rockville.

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