Different Ways to Backup Your Data

Securing your website is not enough to protect your important files against cyberattacks. In fact, it just works as the tip of the iceberg if we are going to talk about how you can prevent various threats surrounding your private data. To make sure that your organization is well-protected, hiring data backup services in Ellicott City or other procedures are needed to keep your files safe and secure.

A great backup system means redundancy, as it requires multiple copies of your essential files. Experts recommend the 3-2-1 rule of data backup, wherein an organization must keep three copies of their files: two on different devices, and one off-site. With this process, there will be a lower chance of losing all your data in times of cyberattack, hardware malfunctions, human error, or more.

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The more backups you have, the better; but where do you start? Here are the smart and easy ways to backup your data!

Get the Best Data Backup Services Ellicott City

Have confidence that your customers’ personal information and your company’s data are safe when you get the best data backup services in Ellicott City. If you want to keep your files secure, data backup services will allow you to store your files to the internet, without any hassle. Online backup can also protect your business against any type of data loss and any occurrences.

Data backup services usually cost money and its process takes longer compared to an external drive. However, it remains to be the best and safest way to back up your data. Hence, you should consider this as an investment for your company.

  • Use a Cloud Storage Service
    While experts can say that cloud storage services will not entirely work as data backup services, any cloud storage service can also accommodate your important data. Rather than just saving your files on one device, you can also store them on cloud storage services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or more. Through these services, anyone in your organization can easily access or restore your data if your files get compromised.
    This method is easy and usually free. However, if you have huge data to store, you must be willing to pay for extra storage.
  • Store it to an External Hard Drive
    Storing your file into an external hard drive could be one of the simplest ways to back up your data, and unlike the two above mentions, this process is cheaper. Aside from its portability, external hard drives can cost as low as $60 for a large 1TB of storage. Meaning, you can back up your files into a much affordable device, while you can also take advantage of its compact size.
    In short, whenever a cyberattack happens or a human error occurs, one can simply restore your company’s files through a portable external hard drive.
  • Burn your data to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Discs
    One practice you should also implement is to burn your files to disc or SD card, label them, and store it in a safe place. Drive failure is not an issue with this process, but it is time-consuming and some equipment may no longer include a drive for this purpose.
  • Use a USB Flash Drive
    USB flash drives are like a small SSD that can store your data, depending on its storage capacity. Nevertheless, although it is affordable and portable, this kind of device is not recommended for long-term storage of crucial information, as it can be easily misplaced.
  • Save it to a NAS Device
    Apart from getting data backup services in Ellicott City, businesses also depend on network-attached storage (NAS) devices to backup their data. It offers automatic backups, hence, you don’t have to save your files every now and then. It features wireless connectivity, too, making it possible to work with phones and tablets.

So, how to backup your files?

Considering all the ways you can backup your data, it appears that it is ideal to choose not only one but at least three safe ways to store your files.

First, get the most trusted data backup services in Ellicott City that can provide your business with the best features, which can protect your private files against cyberattacks and other unfortunate events. Then, choose one to two devices mentioned above that can perfectly complement your chosen data backup services.

Conclusion - Swift's Best Data Backup Services Ellicott City

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