Running IT infrastructure is critical to organizations of all sizes and industries. Having said that, choosing the right people in your IT team is important. Remember that security tools alone are not enough to solve security issues. It is important to hire people who are knowledgeable about various security tools.

In managing IT solutions, most companies hire in-house experts or outsource from an experienced vendor. Some also use the new approach called "co-managed IT services." With co-managed IT services, companies who have in-house IT staff are provided with the necessary security tools and services by a third-party provider.

How To Tell If You Should Consider Co-managed IT Services?

1: Overworked In-house IT team

IT department tasks that are piling up may overwhelm your staff. While it is possible to hire more staff to lighten the workload, it may not be cost-effective.

Hiring co-managed IT can help you transition to a new infrastructure. For example, if your company expands and needs to scale up its services. Instead of adding more workload to your in-house IT team, co-managed IT services can take on some tasks to maintain a healthy workflow for your staff.

At times, in-house service desk staff runs of time or lacks the expertise to resolve IT issues, co-managed IT services can take over to ease the pressure and reduce recovery time.

Co-managed IT Services

2: Limited Staff or Experience

Some successful companies have a limited number of in-house IT experts. The lack of staff may prevent them from attaining their security goal.

With a co-managed IT services arrangement, companies will have more manpower and security experts provided by the vendor. Your in-house IT staff can now focus on high-level, strategic IT issues. While the managed service support day-to-day tasks such as troubleshooting, helpdesk services, software upgrades, and data backup.

3: Needs External Advice Regarding the Organization’s Overall IT Strategy

With the ever-changing business strategies and technologies, organizations have to implement new IT systems and programs. However, some in-house IT teams do not have the expertise needed to successfully implement a plan or initiative. This is where co-managed IT services come in.

MSPs can provide businesses with IT specialists with a broad range of experience. MSPs often send their engineers to continuing education courses and encourage them to get professional certifications. Aside from that, they also have experiences working with other clients making them knowledge about various issues.

Because co-managed IT services are already familiar with different security issues, their experts can efficiently make a transition for clients without having to distract the in-house team daily tasks. They can also train staff on how to maintain IT systems moving forward.

4: Reliable Solution for Remote Locations

Some companies may have a well-developed in-house IT team in their headquarters. However, in their remote branch locations, there might be a shortage of people and resources. Co-managed IT services can help organizations resolve this issue by providing extra help in managing IT infrastructures in different locations. This way, they are assured that the IT systems of their company are in place. This can leverage their team to achieve their goals while staying in control of their strategies.

Swift Systems

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