What is Online Tech Support?

Online tech support is commonly used by companies to communicate with their customers and to help them get the most out of their products. They usually do this via knowledge bases, live chat, or email. This service aims to solve technical problems including installation issues, login errors, as well as other technical difficulties that can negatively affect user experience.

Qualities of Good Online Tech Support

Upon learning what online tech support is, it's time to know how to get it right. We have listed down below the qualities that you should be looking for in online tech support to keep your customers.

1: Product Knowledge

Online tech support can influence the overall user experience with your product. It is important that the support team you will outsource is knowledgeable. When hiring online tech support, ensure that the people dealing with your customers on your behalf are knowledgeable about your product. Outsourcing the right people is a great way to improve your company reputation while reducing costs.

Online Tech Support

2: Upsells Your Products

Once your company has acquired new customers, the responsibility of retaining them is passed on the tech support team. This is because they are the first point of contact after they've used your product. However, online tech support is not just about managing customer requests; they must also be able to upsell and cross-sell products and features to your customers.

For instance, the tech support representative can suggest a product upgrade to the customer if his/her current item has technical issues. By doing so, they solve a problem and increase the customer's confidence in your products and services.

3: Quick and Efficient Service

Your company has to make sure that the needs of your customers are met. However, do not expect that your outsourced tech support team can answer all the support tickets in your queue at the same time. Having said that, your online tech support must implement a well-structured support system, wherein queries will be handled efficiently. This will keep your customers happy and increase your profitability.

4: Easy to Reach

Your online tech support must be available at all times. No one wants to spend time browsing your website just to find out how to contact your tech support. In fact, most website visitors admit to leaving a website if it lacks contact information.

To prevent this from happening, make it easy for your customers to contact you. Making your online tech support always available for your customers is a great way to keep them happy and satisfied.

5: Listen and Learn From Your Users

Your customer's voice is powerful. Any information you gathered from them should be treated with utmost importance as they can give you valuable insights about your products. By listening to the different tech support concerns, you will have more ideas on how you can improve your product, the quality of tech support, and a complete feedback loop between user and product.

6: Have the Right Tools

The online tech support team must have the right tools for the job. They should be able to handle incoming queries, support tickets, live chat, escalation and knowledge bases as fast and efficient as possible.


Online tech support is an important element that affects the overall user experience for product-based businesses. With customers needing fast resolutions, it's important that you get the right online tech support. You must choose reliable online tech support providers who are knowledgeable, efficient, and are equipped with the right tools for excellent tech support.

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