Managed Security Solutions Scale Your Compliance And Security Operations

As cyber threats are growing aggressively, the demand for full network security management is also on the rise. In addition to this, more and more endpoints need to be controlled, budgets are getting tighter, and in-house resources dedicated to security are at a premium. Good thing, that managed security solutions can help defend your system against advanced threats, weaken your attackers, detect new risks, and respond to and recover from incidents.

Managed Security Solutions

Many companies are turning to managed security solutions to overcome their challenges. Working with a managed security service provider or MSSP will enable you to boost your security without increasing the burden on your in-house staff. By having the right partner, you can achieve great results while freeing your internal team to focus on more innovative tasks instead of day-to-day IT admin duties.

When choosing the right managed security solutions for your company, you have to determine if they can meet your business and IT needs. Here are some questions that will help you identify the MSSP suitable for you.

1. How will they handle your sensitive data?

Know your company’s security goals and requirements before you speak with a managed security solutions provider. If you will be storing any of your data on-premises, you can ask the provider what levels of control and protection they can deliver. Can they help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Also, ask them what will happen if your MSSP is hacked. What will be their response in this situation and how quickly can they notify you of the breach?

2. Do They Provide Continuous Monitoring?

Typically, managed security solutions providers have 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring policies. However, you need to confirm with them if this applies to all levels of their managed services offerings and not just to the “premium” level that you may or may not subscribe to, for instance.

3. What Kind of Reports Will Your MSSP Provide?

Managed security solutions are expected to provide details on incidents and help you detect, investigate and respond. Apart from this, they should also help you get a view of the events and alerts happening in your environment. Ask your MSSP what kind of insights will they provide your organization regularly. The information you’ll get from them can help you report on regulatory and compliance requirements. Additionally, this will allow you to deploy security controls before alerts become incidents.

4. Do you support hybrid security infrastructure?

While many organizations have shifted to the ‘cloud’, there are still some that use proprietary or existing on-premises security solutions. If you are one of them, you should ask the managed security solutions provider if they could protect and monitor a vast array of infrastructure, either public or private. See to it that your provider can monitor all of your existing security needs even if you have plans to move in the future. This can help you prevent incurring unnecessary costs and vulnerabilities.

5. What is Your Shared Security Responsibility Model?

Before signing any contract with an MSSP, make sure that you are clear about your responsibilities. See to it that you completely understand what are the responsibilities of your company in terms of security. Also, of course, the matter of the security vendors and what they are responsible for as well. Leave no room for mistakes as a security breach is not only costly, it can be damaging to your reputation as well.

6. Does your MSSP have qualified employees?

Some vendors have difficulty in finding qualified employees, so they hire whoever is available just to get billable hours. Make sure that your managed security solutions provider employs skilled technicians. The cybersecurity world is very dynamic, so it’s imperative that you have IT experts that are updated on the latest trends. If you are utilizing technologies such as SAP or Cisco, look for a provider that is a certified partner. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that your MSSP has staff who can implement and run your core systems.

Swift Systems

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