Managed IT Services versus Break/Fix Services: Choosing What’s Best For You

IT firms such as managed service providers (MSPs) and break/fix services are vital in the world of business support. Most often than not, companies face the dilemma of choosing between the two. MSPs and break/fix services have their own unique capabilities, and each of them complements different requirements. While both have the same goal of addressing key IT concerns such as system repairs, installations, and upgrades, they also have differences in their functions and costs.

If you are wondering what solution will be the best option for your business, continue reading to find out. If you decide that MSP is for you, managed IT services in Greenbelt can help you in the process of transitioning to it.

Managed IT Services Greenbelt

Understanding Break/Fix IT Services

Based on the name itself, break/fix IT services only collaborate with companies whenever their technology ‘breaks’. They send IT staff to your location to assess, identify, and troubleshoot issues on your network. They often charge you by the hour and they include in the bill the specialty tools and parts they’ve used to fix the software or hardware. Simply put, you only pay for the services you’ve received during the appointment. In addition, they do not tie you in a long-term contract or subscription that includes ongoing fees.

This IT servicing approach allows organizations to get the specific services it needs only when necessary. However, they give little, if any, pre-emptive or continuous support so if the problem recurs, you are left vulnerable to surprise costs.

Typically, break/fix services are used in the following situations:

  • Upgrading or installing of hardware or software
  • Deploying of peripheral equipment
  • Equipment repairs
  • Implementing new privacy or defense tools
  • General IT training or education services

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are outsourced third-party contractors that handle most of the organization’s IT requirements. As compared to break/fix IT services that offer only situational assistance, managed IT services maintain a holistic, continuous relationship with a company it works with.

MSPs are responsible for procuring their own IT infrastructure as well as hiring a skilled team of technicians. This way, they can actively monitor and address IT problems even before they cause system failures at the office they are supporting. As one of their clients, you will have a service level agreement (SLA) contract. This establishes the terms and conditions for the scope of their job and the fee that you have to pay monthly or annually. In exchange, you will receive:

  • Continuous network monitoring and security
  • Network maintenance
  • Installation of software patches
  • Redeployments
  • IT helpdesk support
  • General IT management

Taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach, managed IT services in Greenbelt deliver several distinct benefits which are not otherwise provided by break/fix IT services. They are as follows:

Predictable payments

The subscription-based model of managed IT services offers financial predictability. Customers incur subscription rates in installments that are significantly lower than break/fix billings. These fees result in calculable payments that are within the budget of the customer. Meanwhile, with break/fix, you don’t have a choice but to pay what the technician charges, creating a tough budgeting situation.


Businesses that use MSPs have a smoother, safer, and steadier IT environment. Since the solutions delivered to them are continuous and not a one-time-thing, they avoid having repeat problems. Servers, computers, laptops, mobile devices, and networks that are actively protected and cared for by MSPs can achieve long-term sustainability. This ensures that your operations will be more cost-effective and efficient.


Managed IT services in Greenbelt are equipped with expert technicians who are well versed with your specific network, software, and hardware needs. Their knowledge in all technical matters can be beneficial in your everyday operations. They are able to provide round the clock services to protect you against data hacks, firewall breaches, distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, malwares, phishing schemes, and other cybersecurity threats facing today’s organizations.

Peace of mind

Managed IT services in Greenbelt can manage cloud deployments, reduce human errors, and implement cybersecurity solutions to guarantee 360-degree IT support. Clients can have peace of mind, knowing their IT investments are in good hands.


It may seem that managed IT services are a much better choice, but at the end of the day, only the person who actually knows what’s best for your business is you. If you are ready to discover new IT solutions that will fit your organization, check out Swift Systems. We proactively explore and identify fresh ideas to support your key business objectives. Call us today at (301) 682-5100.