Types of Managed IT Services That Can Drive Business Growth

The range of IT responsibility has changed significantly in the last decade. From managing only a few computers, IT teams are now responsible for company-wide technology usage as well as security policy compliance.

The growth in IT needs has urged companies to augment their IT departments. Aside from hiring extra employees, some of them are creating a separate team to help alleviate the pressure on only a few people. To do this, outsourcing managed IT services in Germantown has become a popular option.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

In a nutshell, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that offers IT solutions in the form of network, application, infrastructure, and security. MSPs used to focus only on device configuration but have recently become proactive in assisting the management, maintenance, and real-time support of a company’s IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Services Germantown

There are different types of managed IT services in Germantown. Whether you want to outsource all of them or just a few, a solution can be tailored specifically for your company’s needs. Here are some of them:

Help Desk

The first on our list is help desk services. They do regular, detailed troubleshooting tasks for your company. If your organization has your own IT employees, but wish to keep them focused on specific duties, this is the perfect option for you.

Most of the time, IT employees cannot focus on revenue-generating or innovation-building activities because they are too occupied fixing different issues. Having a help desk service will allow your IT department to concentrate on its own internal initiatives instead of putting out fires.

Full IT Services

Small businesses that have limited budget can outsource full IT services. This type of managed IT service basically do the daily tasks of an in-house IT department. However, compared to having a full IT department at hand, your business only needs to pay a fraction of the cost since you don’t have to think about their salary and benefits. Moreover, you can save time and money when recruiting expert technicians as managed IT services in Germantown do it for you.

IT Consulting

If you need assistance on specific projects, IT consulting companies are the best team for it. They can co-exist with your internal IT department to share critical knowledge on specialized topics. IT consulting can be tapped for complicated tasks that need input, or for very extensive projects, such as the installation of a brand new network. Consulting is distinct, different from other forms of managed services, because it usually takes place on-demand rather than on consistently.

Cloud Development and Deployment

Adopting cloud computing services has become a new trend but not every business knows how to shift to it. A managed IT service provider that has expertise in cloud deployment can help companies transition to this technology easily.

Oftentimes, moving to the cloud can be a daunting task, particularly for companies who are accustomed to operating on premise. It could be a matter of discovering innovative cloud-based technologies that fit well for companies, or of adjusting older strategies to the cloud setting to fully embrace this innovation.


Updating systems, backing up data, deploying security tools, and troubleshooting issues are some of the tasks that managed IT services do. Letting third party providers do maintenance job will enable your in-house IT department to innovate and improve their practices.

Managed services can take over any mundane tasks that your organization has, so your IT employees can focus on more vital things. This way, you can manage your resources efficiently while reducing the chances of an issue occurring with the organization's technology. High quality maintenance can ensure that your company will have fewer security-related events, and will otherwise be able to avoid downtime.

On-Site Staff

Some organizations need to have on-site staff occasionally. Managed IT services are able to provide them, especially for mid-sized and large enterprises. On-site talents can do a much better job troubleshooting problems as compared to those who are doing it remotely since they are able to see the issue firsthand. Since on-site talents work in different businesses, you are sure to have a highly trained, specialized IT professional without having to pay for an internal staff. However, on-site technicians are more expensive than remote solutions.

With more and more companies needing external support, it’s good to know that managed IT services in Germantown are offering these solutions. If you want to learn what fit your business, contact the experts at Swift Systems.