VoIP Phone System Features for Businesses

VoIP service providers offer its customers several features which are useful in doing daily tasks and maintaining business operations. If you’ve never tried using a VoIP phone before, you may not be aware of the amazing features it provides. Sometimes, similar features have different names so you may not know it beforehand. Here are some of the appealing features that should be provided by the best VoIP service in Ellicott City.

Best VoIP Service Ellicott City

1. Busy Lamp Field

Busy Lamp Field is a light that flashes when you are in a call on your VoIP phone. Updated versions may even tell you whom you are chatting on the phone with. Why is this beneficial? It can save you time. For instance, you want to talk with someone from another department. You can easily see if they are on an important call when the light is on. If they are busy, you can just discuss the issue later on in the day.

2. Call Park

Call parking is a feature that puts a call on hold in one device, and then continues the call in another phone. Some Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices have a specific button for it to help you transfer calls throughout the office.

Call parking is useful in different scenarios. For example, a staff in your office received a call on from an urgent customer and they want to discuss an important matter with the boss. He or she could park the call first and then transfer the call to the boss who would take care of the client. It is also helpful in retail environments, like department stores or hardware stores. If someone called at your front desk to ask for the availability of an item, he or she could simply park the call, and then announce over the store’s PA system that there is a “call for this product on line one.” Call parking can also move a sensitive call to a private location.

3. Hoteling

Hoteling allows a user's phone profile (including the phone number, apps, and call schedule) to be transferred to a shared host device. It consists of two features: the Hoteling Host and the Hoteling Guest, which function together to enable you to assign specific phones (hosts) that users (guests) may sign into and use as their own phone. Hoteling is a great feature for remote workers. This makes it easy to bring your phone number or extension with you without actually bringing your phone with you.

4. Custom Hold Music

Custom Hold Music allows you to play a tune or message while the call is on hold. Instead of having dead air, you can use this time to engage with customers and tell them further about your company. The music and message should flow seamlessly but will be cut off once the line is available.

5. Escape Queue

This is not a common feature, but you may want to have this on your phone. The escape from queue option enables you to stop waiting on hold without entirely leaving the call. After a minute or so on hold, the caller will be advised to leave a message or contact number, and someone will get back to her by the next business day or when the line becomes available. This will prevent customers from being put on hold for a long time.

6. 3-way calling

Many phone companies like the best VoIP Service in Ellicott City offers 3-way calling (or sometimes, more than three). With this method, you can use your IP phone’s Conference button, and call the second party, which puts the caller on hold. To rejoin the call, you just need to press the button again.

3-way calling is deemed useful in a number of situations. This function can be used to share information with multiple employees at once. It also lets customer support agents convert a regular call with an irate client to a three-way conversation with the supervisor to fix issues.

7. Virtual Numbers

A virtual number allows you to assign two or more numbers to a single line. It can be used as a local number, toll-free number, or even international number. With virtual numbers, customers may seem to be calling a local number, but they do not know that the call is answered on the other side of the world at no additional cost.

You might not be familiar about some of the great features of VoIP, while some of them can be easily overlooked. Before signing up with the best VoIP service in Ellicott City, learn more about these features to make an educated choice. Call Swift Systems at (301) 682-5100 for the VoIP solution you can trust.

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