What You Need to Know When Subscribing to an IT Support

Using technology in your operations is important no matter what the size of your business is. As more and more people rely on IT, the means to support it must evolve as well. However, some enterprises do not have enough resources to handle their networks and small IT teams can be easily overwhelmed when running infrastructures.

A weak IT support team may disregard doing important things such as backups, patches, updates, and security. This puts your business at risk, potentially diminishing your productivity and revenue. Subscribing to IT support in Frederick and other locations can prevent this from happening by changing how businesses deal with technology. Instead of waiting until critical devices fail, IT support companies rush to fix them before your business operations are hampered.

Organizations depend on IT support companies' proactive maintenance to have a reliable system. IT support Near Frederick can provide these major benefits:

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Increased efficiency and productivity - As external IT teams can track and respond to issues as they happen, your business will not come to a standstill.

Knowledge of infrastructure and needs - IT support in Frederick and other areas are always looking for helpful updates, patches, and upgrades. They can make you a list of technology that is critical to your operations.

Comprehensive IT service at a fraction of the cost - Small businesses don't always have the access to proactive support. This is not the case when you outsource an IT service company. They will be the one to monitor critical components, do data backup and disaster recovery, secure your network, custom software solutions, and evaluate technology.

Access to old data - IT support in Frederick and other areas store historical data, which can be used by clients to analyze trends in performance associated with a specific device or database. This will allow them to make informed decisions about future IT needs.

Focus on core business - Business owners allot most of their time on revenue-enhancing tasks like product development or improving operations. Because of this, routine tasks are sometimes ignored, and this could be detrimental later. Subscribing to an IT support team can relieve them of mundane maintenance, repetitive monitoring tasks, and day-to-day operational duties.

Timely patch and update management - In-house IT staff can be too busy fixing urgent problems, putting patch management at the end of their priority list. This puts organizations at risk for downtime, security vulnerabilities, and incidents. IT support Near Frederick can deploy patches and software so your systems are always updated.

Questions to Ask Your IT Support Provider

With so many IT companies out there, you don't want to end up going with the wrong one. As such, if you want to know how good the provider is, you have to probe them. Here are certain questions that you should bring up before enlisting the services of an IT support company:

Do you offer a diverse end-to-end solution or one that is tailored to customer requirements?

  • How many years have you been in the IT business? Have you invested in building, testing, and operating your own infrastructure? Do you use your own services?
  • If you are linked with big firms such as Azure or Amazon Web Services, how can I benefit from it?
  • Do you have extensive disaster management and business continuity measures in place?
  • How is your staff and what kinds of certifications do they have? What level of competence do your employees showcase?
  • What are your price options? Do you offer customizable pricing?
  • What regulatory mandates do you comply with and how are you meeting them?
  • What kind of help do you offer and how is it defined? Are you available 24/7?
  • What does the MSP's service level agreement (SLA) include? If the terms and conditions written on the SLA weren't honored, what would happen?


It's definitely a long list of questions but it's important for small and midsize businesses to do their due diligence when evaluating IT support companies. You would want to ensure that the company you will sign up with has the technological skills, the capacity to understand your operations, and the ability to support the remote and mobile staff, among other issues. If you ask the right questions and pick the correct IT provider, you could end up with stronger protection than you wished for.

Whether you need comprehensive managed IT support services or a team to supplement your in-house crew, Swift Systems can help. We aim to give our clients high quality services and solutions at reasonable prices. Contact us today (301) 682-5100 for a free quotation.