HIPAA Regulations

HIPAA compliance keeps patient’s sensitive information and records safe, but it can cause headaches for those in the medical profession. The rules and HIPAA Regulations for HIPAA compliance are quite lengthy. Sometimes a little, innocent mistake could come with a tremendous fine for the violation. This is why those in the medical field are constantly looking for ways to improve security, or best practices when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Your Current IT Company is your Biggest HIPAA Liability

For doctors and other health care providers, taking care of patients comes naturally. One aspect of patient care that might not come as naturally, though, is the care of patient data, or HIPAA compliant IT.

Keeping patient data safe is important, and dealing with HIPAA penalties is an absolute mess. With that in mind, this article will show you three reasons why your current IT company might be your biggest HIPAA liability. By doing this, we’ll also be able to see how HIPAA compliant IT can be done right.

Are HIPAA Compliance Worries Keeping You Up at Night?

The general rule of thumb of HIPAA compliance is that it will take you a few years to get up to speed because it’s worse than some IT government contracting documentations. While it’s important to understand the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance, it’s even more important to hire a team of IT professionals who can help you get a better grasp of HIPAA rules while at the same time protect your data and protect you from costly HIPAA fines.

Here are some things you should know about HIPAA compliance and what you need to know about off-site storage and backups.

Busting HIPAA Compliance Cloud Storage Myths

Cloud storage is the wave of the future – being able to store all of your files off-site without having to purchase expensive servers and keep up with a staff of IT professionals, it all makes for a dream scenario. Of course, the dream could quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re a health care organization that needs to store sensitive information.

That’s not to say you can’t find HIPAA compliant cloud storage. Quite the opposite. Choosing to rely on increasingly outdated legacy systems risks leaving you behind in this current healthcare environment. Just consider the pressure you stare down daily. Health care is increasingly fast-paced, and demands on individual providers are growing rapidly. The natural solution — the only solution, really — is to find ways to be more efficient. The key is doing so in a way that improves, rather than detracts from, patient care.

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HIPAA Compliance Self-Guided Audit Checklist

With HIPAA penalties becoming increasingly strict, it is imperative that your company is adhering to the regulations. The problem is, all of the rules governing IT policies can be overwhelming. Download this checklist to see if you could stand up to a HIPAA audit.

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