Outsourcing Help Desk for Business Success

It is important for companies to be flexible and agile to keep up with the changing business landscape. With this, small and big organizations try to adapt to this change to ensure their growth and success. Those that can quickly and efficiently shift to meet these circumstances are more likely to have better revenue and bigger customer base. Meanwhile, those that will not succeed may have irreparable loss.

Fortunately, organizations do not have to tackle these circumstances alone. Companies can hire a team of IT specialists that works round the clock to ensure that your technology remains at competitive advantage. With the help of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers help desk service in Gaithersburg, they can evolve effectively to meet the challenge of preventing technical problems. An outsourced IT team offers the knowledge that allows your companies’ entire roster to stay productive and well organized at all times.

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In-house IT Team vs. Outsourced IT Team

While in-house IT teams can resolve technology issues, there are expenditures associated with this solution that you should take note when determining if it provides the best value for your organization. Firstly, there are significant expenses related to hiring and retaining IT employees. Secondly, you have to procure equipment needed to successfully perform tasks, including a ticketing system, phones, computers, and software licensing. Lastly, you need to pay for your employees training so they can stay informed on the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Meanwhile, outsourced help desk service in Gaithersburg can complete a variety of tasks at an affordable price. They are equipped with the latest tools and training programs that are delivered to the customer at a fraction of the cost, reducing your overall IT expenses.

Although there may be up-front costs associated when hiring managed IT services with help desk service, they tend to be less expensive in the long run. They even offer better value than their in-house counterpart does. Some of the benefits of help desk service include:

24/7 availability

Malfunctioning computers can directly affect the productivity of your business operations. If you need support after-hours and you only have an in-house IT team, you may need to wait until the next business day to have your computer issue resolved. Managed services provider can ensure 24/7 availability, which means that you can be provided with reliable support during system failures at any time. If there is something wrong with one or a few of your computers, you can contact your help desk service in Gaithersburg regardless of the time to restore the system right away.

Wide range of technical skills

Outsourced help desk service employs experts with a variety of technical experiences. With more knowledge and experience, they can deliver faster resolution times and better address your technical issue at hand.

Well-defined procedures and escalation steps

In case the help desk service would not be able to fix the issue, they have defined procedures to ensure the issue still gets addressed by the right person or team. This is not possible with in-house teams. They are often limited, and problems may remain unsettled for a much longer time due to a lack of technical knowledge and expertise.

Constant improvement

Help desk service in Gaithersburg and other areas usually maintain a knowledgebase of recurring issues. The collected information allows help desk staff to troubleshoot user issues quickly and more effectively.

Increased call intake capabilities

Outsourced help desks have a phone system that can handle many incoming calls at a time. When you contact them, you can speak to the person immediately to get the question handled faster.

Service level agreements (SLA)

Service level agreement or SLA establishes standards in respect to the amount of assistance you can get from an MSP. Outsourced help desk services have well-defined SLAs that include performance benchmarks. This provides metrics as average response speed and turnaround time.

Takeaways - Swift’s Help Desk Service Gaithersburg

Today’s businesses must learn how to adapt to changes faster. This will allow them to sustain their organizations in new ways and survive even in unprecedented circumstances. One way to do it is by outsourcing managed service providers with comprehensive support. Hiring the right help desk service will lessen expenses, offers better flexibility, and guarantees that the whole team will continue to operate at its peak.

Swift Systems is a reliable IT partner that provides a competitive advantage to keep your business successful. Our team can ensure that your technology is working properly to meet your changing needs. Contact us now for industry-grade IT services.

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