Managed Virtual Private Cloud Services

Why Your Business Needs Virtual Servers


A vast majority of companies big and small need to have a server. Whether it is just a small server in the back office or a large server closet, most businesses need a computer server for their daily activities.

That being said, having your own server closet is not necessary anymore, and it is actually one of the most difficult ways to handle your IT systems. With the push in recent years of cloud computing, new services have risen to negate the need to buy, set up, and maintain your own servers.  One of these new methods of IT management is working with virtual servers through Virtual Data Centers (VDCs).

What is a VDC?

A Virtual Data Center is a virtualized (surprise, surprise) pool of cloud infrastructure resources, including computing, memory, storage, and bandwidth, that are designed specifically for enterprise business needs. In English, they are simply virtual servers that you are, in essence, renting from a professionally managed and maintained data center.

How Does a VDC Work?

When you purchase VDC services, you are not only renting the hardware (the actual server and rack) but you also have IT professionals monitoring it around the clock to ensure each server is running at its optimal level. VDC also comes with high-quality firewalls and other security measures that would be very expensive if you were managing your own server at your office.  You also don’t have to worry about being offline as there are redundancies after redundancies ensuring your servers will be up and running continuously.

The best part? The virtual servers within a VDC are completely scalable to the needs of your business, and you only pay for what you use. Instead of having to purchase an entire server then another if you outgrow the first, if you work with a VDC you can upgrade your server usage with a simple phone call.

The Transition

If you have decided you don’t want to deal with buying, installing, maintaining, cooling, cleaning and setting up security on your own server, then a VDC is a great option. Something like changing servers is probably a hassle to transition over too, isn’t it? Switching cable providers is hard enough, so switching servers is probably even more difficult! Luckily this is not the case as IT experts will work with you to create specifications and guide you through the entire process. You don’t need to worry about the technicalities of server transition.

If your server is on its last leg or you are tired of maintaining it, it is probably time to think about a new service like VDC. It is essential, however, that you work with an IT company with that has high-quality data centers. This is even more important if you are in the medical field as that IT company must understand HIPAA guidelines and stay up-to-date with recent legislation. Companies like Swift Systems have been providing VDC Services for years, and have the experience and know-how to get your company what it needs.

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