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Why You Should Use a Managed Service Provider

Your IT network is down for the second time this quarter. Now you find yourself footing the bill for an emergency technician to come out and fix it as time and money slip away. When your IT network goes down, you can’t serve your clients. When you can’t serve your clients, your business loses money.

Stop reacting. Be proactive.

Outsourcing IT to a managed service provider in Frederick MD offers you many benefits. With a subscription service model, you can feel like you’re ahead of the curve instead of always one step behind.


No Emergency Fees

The worst part of an IT emergency may not even be the initial breakdown but what comes afterwards. More specifically, it’s the bill that follows emergency services.

Using an emergency technician can be extremely costly. You don’t have a chance to prevent fires, but instead find yourself running around putting them out and tossing money into them as you go.

With a managed service provider in Frederick MD, you have one fixed monthly price that includes routine maintenance and avoids emergency fees. You’ll find yourself with the ability to finally be proactive about your network’s maintenance. With fewer fires to put out and no emergency fees, your office will save money with increased uptime.


Proactive IT Maintenance

Proactive IT maintenance is often underestimated. Most businesses don’t give their IT network a second thought until all of a sudden—it’s gone.

Routine maintenance from a managed service provider in Frederick MD is crucial if you want to avoid downtime and potential viruses. Your dedicated Tier-II technician can keep your network running by taking care of the everyday IT issues. Sure, you can get by with slow internet or a printer that only sometimes appears on the network—but you shouldn’t have to.

Routine IT maintenance prevents breakdowns before they happen.


Malware Protection

You know that software update you’ve been ignoring for the past several weeks? It actually contains a patch that could prevent malware from attacking your computer system. The longer you hit “Update Later,” the longer your system is at risk.

Think of a computer virus as the common cold and working with a managed service provider as washing your hands. It’s just good hygiene.

Swift Systems provides firewalls, endpoint protection for anti-virus and malware protection on both desktops and servers, and Intercept-X to defend against the ever-increasing threat of Ransomware.


Total Network Security

The security benefits of using a managed service provider in Frederick MD don’t stop with virus prevention.

A managed service provider in Frederick MD can lower your risk of a cyberattack through password complexity rules, user access control, automatic screen locks, and even user training on the dangers of phishing and malware.

A lot of cyberattacks are because of human error. By using a managed service provider in Frederick MD, you’re lowering your cybersecurity risk through education, following regulations, and increasing network security.


24/7 Support

With many companies you can buy just help desk services. At Swift Systems, we don’t subscribe to that policy. It can leave you hanging with no one to help when something goes seriously wrong.

However, a service desk can be a great addition to a managed service provider package. Instead of attempting to find the answer to small problems like email issues on a Google search, you know have a dedicated team of IT professionals who are familiar with your system to back you up.

Don’t risk making a mountain out of a mole hill—or a server shut down out of an email issue. A service desk guarantees you the support you need to fix your problems without the hassle. At Swift Systems, we guarantee a four-hour response time during business hours and a guaranteed 15-minute emergency response time to contract customers.

Are you in the midst of an emergency after hours? We offer after-hour options for emergency support.


Swift Systems’ Meets Your Business’ Needs

As a managed service provider in Frederick MD, Swift Systems helps your business succeed. Managed service providers take care of all the little things that can hold you back, like viruses, broken emails, overwhelming emergency fees, and increased uptime.

Imagine your day-to-day without any server or computer issues. You could be confident in your network security, educated on your computer habits, and able to navigate your daily processes smoothly and efficiently. A managed service provider isn’t just your fill-in IT department.

We’re a crucial part of helping your business succeed.

If you’re looking for a managed service provider in Frederick MD, get in touch with us today. Take the first step towards stress-free IT.


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