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What to Look for in a Great Healthcare IT Consulting Firm

As the risks of a cyberattack on various healthcare organizations increase, the pressure to find the best healthcare IT consulting firm also increases. Your choice of IT firm can directly impact how secure your network is, how patient data is handled, and your stress level when it comes to working with your IT systems.

Everyone deserves stress-free IT, especially those in the healthcare field.

In order to choose the best healthcare IT consulting firm for you and your business’ needs, you first need to understand exactly what to look for.

Experience with Managed Compliance

As worries about cybersecurity grow, it should become top of your list to comply with healthcare regulations that serve to protect client data and, in turn, your business.

Great healthcare IT consulting firm should have documented experience with HIPAA and CaaS compliance. It’s one thing for a healthcare IT consulting firm to say they have experience with these regulations – look for the proof, too. 

Have they written accurate blogs on the topic? Do they have client testimonials related to their work with HIPPA compliance? Can they provide you with case studies? Look at their website to see what they say about managed compliance.

An inexperienced healthcare IT consulting firm can cost you. Violating HIPPA guidelines damages your company’s reputation, ruins client trust, and can even result in everything from hefty fines to jail time.

Customizable Services

A great healthcare IT consulting firm should be able to work with you to meet exactly what your business needs. Depending on what your business does, you may need to meet different regulatory compliances. A great IT firm should be able to work with you to meet those different needs and provide you with the proper documentation that those services have been completed.

On the other hand, a managed IT service provider should also be able to customize other aspects of your IT support. Do you want a simple helpdesk to go with your regulatory compliance? It might not be the best idea, but it can be done. Do you need cloud or on-premise disaster recovery solutions? Your choice of healthcare IT consulting firm should be able to meet exactly what you need in all facets of your IT.

Great Customer Service

Don’t forget—IT isn’t just about computers. Yes, it may be mostly about computers. But you still need to be able to work seamlessly with your MSP.

Great customer service can’t be underestimated.

How quickly do they respond to your emails? Do you have to go through a complicated phone tree or speak directly to a friendly receptionist when you call? Do you have to introduce yourself to a new technician every time they come to your office? Or do you know the first and last name of your friendly and reliable Tier-II technician?

Without great customer service, it’ll be much harder to get your needs met and communicate. After all, communication is how your IT provider understands what you need and how you understand what they’re doing to meet those needs.


Along with having a reliable, dedicated Tier-II technician, great healthcare IT consulting firm should be there for you every step of the way. You don’t want to have to worry about the quality of HIPAA compliance you’re receiving or feel as though you have to double-check your technician’s work every time he comes to your office.

Half of the security is reliability. You need software to be updated immediately, networks should be monitored consistently and maintenance should be done on a set schedule that accommodates best security practices. 

You wouldn’t entrust your child to a babysitter who only buckle their seatbelt half the time. Don’t entrust your data to an IT firm that doesn’t follow reliable security updates.

Reliability isn’t just about clear, consistent communication, or a technician that shows up at the time they said they would. Reliability is about making your business run smoothly with dots on the ‘i’s and crosses on your ‘t’s.


Working with a great healthcare IT consulting firm isn’t just about the cheapest price—but that doesn’t mean it should be the most expensive price, either. You need great IT services at a fair price.

Part of our reliability is a fixed cost each month. You’ll never have unexpected costs. With Swift Systems, one fixed monthly price covers everything – after-hours help and server repairs included.

When You Need Great IT, You Need Swift Systems.

Whether you need HIPAA, CaaS, or full managed compliance, or specific services, Swift Systems customizes our managed IT service packages to meet your needs.

Unpredictable downtime can bring a hospital or medical office grinding to a halt. Swift Systems offers its client solutions to unpredictable downtime, unreliable performance, and insecure networks. We know how important it is to keep client data confidential and well-protected.

That’s why we developed a proven process that’s helped 50+ mid-market businesses increase reliability and optimize performance of systems at an efficient monthly cost.

As far as managed compliance goes, we don’t just know HIPAA. We’re experts in DFARS, NIST 800 53, SSAE data center compliance, and even GMP guidelines. Our experience working within regulations means that we understand just how important it is to the success of your business and how severe the consequences are.

You deserve stress-free IT. You deserve Swift Systems.

Get in touch with us today.

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