5 Trends for IT Services in Frederick, Maryland

Today’s business world is constantly changing, and that impacts the local business environment in Frederick.

The context: Frederick, Maryland is a small-to-medium sized city with a lot of small-to-medium sized businesses. Frederick is also starting to see growth in its STEM industries with companies such as Thermo-Fisher Scientific and Yakabod. This growth brings an increasing need for IT service providers such as Swift Systems.

While there are several IT services in the Frederick area, not all IT services are created equally. They come in different sizes and provide unique services. Some IT companies only provide basic support to smaller businesses with basic hardware and networking needs.

Bigger businesses that manage large amounts of data may need more advanced services such as private cloud services or big data cloud management. Swift Systems provides these crucial services to companies that are taking their business a step further.

Don’t get left behind. Here are five trends for IT services in Frederick, Maryland.


IT Maintenance and Disaster Recovery

IT systems maintenance is a fundamental service that is embedded into the very foundation of information technology. While this isn’t exactly a new trend, it’s still necessary for more advanced IT companies to incorporate basic services into their mix.

An IT service in Frederick, Maryland needs to provide top-notch IT maintenance to ensure that a company’s systems are up and running at all times. Especially in tech companies, server connection and system reliability equal productivity. With computers being the primary tool for working, downtime is a costly annoyance for any company.

For companies in Frederick, Maryland to succeed and grow at the pace of larger companies in the D.C. area, flawless disaster recovery is necessary. With professionally engineered data backup solutions, an IT company prevents information from being lost in the event of a server crash.


Managed Private Cloud Services

In our current day-and-age, we constantly hear about the rise of cloud computing, but what exactly is the cloud? Put simply, the cloud acts as a hub that allows multiple devices to simultaneously access the same data and software by using the internet, rather than by plugging into a tangible hard drive.

A private cloud server improves a company’s efficiency and flexibility along with high level security. Implementing cloud servers gives a company the ability to share important information such as financial records or scientific research over a secure channel.

Cloud servers also provide other networking benefits such as greater customization, cost-effectiveness and higher levels of scalability.

It’s crucial that IT services in Frederick provide this kind of technology as the companies in the area develop a growing need for managing larger quantities of data.


Big Data Cloud Storage

“Big data” is another popular buzz word that we constantly hear about in today’s industries. Big data describes extremely large sets of complex data that can be analyzed to reveal trends and insights.

To no surprise, big data is most often used in big companies with large amounts of customers or clients. The companies in Frederick are growing and developing the need for this technology from their IT service provider.

Swift Systems provides this technology to its clients. Big data cloud storage processes massive data sets in order to discover insights that can accelerate your business. This provides optimal accessibility, reliability and cost saving.


Going Green

In today’s industry, it’s easy to maximize efficiency at the expense of the environment. As an IT service in Frederick, Maryland, Swift Systems aims to give you the highest quality technology while also saving energy.

In order to do this, we offer the possibility of hosting your information on virtual machines, rather than physical servers. Virtualizing your platforms can decrease your company’s energy footprint and lower your electric bills. Along with this, virtual platforms can offer better flexibility through features such as live data migration and distributed resource scheduling.

If your company has a progressive attitude and prefers using green alternatives to protect the environment, Swift Systems can provide that option.


Network Security and Ransomware Protection

Ransomware was estimated to be a billion-dollar industry in 2016. With that kind of revenue as incentive, we can expect that the world of hackers will only continue to grow.

IT services in Frederick, Maryland must provide the highest level of cyber security to their clients. As companies grow and process more information, their data becomes more valuable and sought-after, making them a target for hackers.

Swift Systems provides companies with 18 years of experience in implementing firewalls, Intercept-X, and malware protection. You can have peace-of-mind knowing that your information is in the safest hands.

Choose IT That’s Dependable

Swift Systems is on top of all of these trends. With our 18 years of IT expertise, we offer reliable solutions and the newest, most relevant technology. We go beyond the basic IT support provided by smaller IT services in Frederick, Maryland and give your business the tools to work dynamically, with dedicated in-person techs and proven expertise.

Technology changes fast. Let Swift Systems handle your IT for you so that your company can direct all of its attention to delivering high-quality work. If you’re ready to make the switch to Swift, get in touch with us so we can help you accelerate your business.

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