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Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are outsourced IT companies that handle network and other security services. They reduce the number of operational security personnel a company needs while still maintaining an acceptable security posture. Outsourcing security services offer cost savings to an organization as you will not need to hire in-house cybersecurity staff and buy equipment and other software tools.

With different IT providers available in the market today, it can be quite difficult to narrow down the best choice. To help you in making your decision, we have listed here the top 10 managed security service providers to choose from.

1: IBM

IBM offers a smart and responsive security service to protect your network from threats and risks. They have cutting-edge tools, technology, and expertise that can secure your information assets. Their services are often priced at a much affordable rate as compared to hiring in-house security resources.

IBM provides various services that include network protection, firewall management, intelligent log management on cloud, intrusion detection, and prevention system, security intelligence, unified threat management, secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), cloud security services, EDR, and endpoint security.

2: CenturyLink

CenturyLink has proven experience when it comes to providing comprehensive managed services that are designed to simplify, automate, and accelerate enterprises. Some of the services they offer are next-generation network-based firewall solution, adaptive network security, and threat intelligence. CenturyLink has deployed security operations centers (SOCs) that are responsible for handling physical and logical alarms, attacks and suspicious or abnormal network activity. They also assist with customer security inquiries.

3: AT&T

AT&T offers security device management and monitoring services for large enterprises, midsize businesses, and governments. It has five 24/7 security operations centers (SOCs) and three business-hour SOCs.

AT&T offers services such as Internet and Intranet protection, firewall protection, mobile security, endpoint security, DDoS defense, Web application protection, IDPS, email gateway, encryption, device management, and token authentication.

4: Symantec

Symantec monitors and manages the customers’ security environment from data collection to incident identification and interactive alerting. They also have dedicated security analysts that will prepare and provide details and recommendations about the incidents.

This MSSP provides monitoring services, incident response, cyber skills development, hosted log retention, intrusion detection, and prevention system (IDPS) management, as well as intelligence services and advanced threat protection.

5: Verizon

Verizon Managed Security Services allow you to proactively manage your infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and focus on threats. The cybersecurity solutions they offer include security professional services, network, and gateway security, security monitoring and operations, and incident response.

6: DXC Technology

DXC Technology has a global network of security operations centers that provides round-the-clock IT management. They have deployed security professionals and infrastructures that can identify threats, respond to attacks, and protect data and privacy. Their services include security advisory, risk management, intelligent security operations infrastructure, endpoint security, identity and access management, threat and vulnerability management, data protection and cloud security.

7: Trustwave

Trustwave delivers services such as network firewalls, IDPS, UTM, rogue device detection and internal vulnerability scanning, all consolidated into a single appliance. Trustwave SWG decrypts, unpacks and assembles web pages and exposes any malicious behavior in real-time.

8: Delta Risk

Delta Risk helps companies secure their network and data by bringing together cyber policy, infrastructure protection, and technical experts. They offer managed detection and response, cloud monitoring of SaaS and cloud infrastructure environments, network security, vulnerability assessments, threat hunting, and incident response.

9: NTT

With 17 global SOCs with 24/7 service, NTT fulfills the needs of cybersecurity and compliance. They deploy the latest security patches to business networks. Some of their services include enterprise security monitoring, device management, and vulnerability management.

10: Hitachi Systems Security

Hitachi is an MSSP that protects its client’s most valuable IT assets and data through its proprietary ArkAngel risk management program. Hitachi Systems Security’s MSS offering helps clients detect, mitigate, and prevent threats while keeping their network secured all the time.

Protect Your User Experience And Cut Business Risk With MSSP

When hiring a managed security service provider, you must assess thoroughly to ensure that your network will be managed and protected. You can choose from any of the mentioned MSSPs or you may check out Swift Systems. We are a company dedicated to help you boost your productivity and efficiency while providing higher security and unique industry-specific solutions.

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