Removing Risk with MSP IT Services

Removing Risk with MSP IT Services

Every growing business comes to a point at which professional IT services are no longer a want, but a need. The amount of work needed to keep everything up and running efficiently starts taking up too much time. Clearly some IT help is needed, but what type of help? A full-time employee? Cheap offshore help? A periodic contractor? There are many options, but if you want IT service that can truly take IT off your plate, then turn to MSP IT services.

A managed service provider (MSP) IT service is the approach to IT that provides the flexibility to scale your IT needs at a moment’s notice, depending on your needs. And, it does that while giving you the ease-of-mind that comes with fixed monthly billing. Through the MSP model, you are assigned a dedicated tech that is backed by a whole team of experts in the IT industry. These techs are your go-to problem solvers when it comes to IT issues, but because they are dedicated to your office, they tend to stop emergencies before they happen. This model is the best way to stop spending time in IT emergencies, and get back to running your business, instead.

Now that you know what MSP IT services are, what makes them so much better than other models? Well, many advantages were already mentioned (fixed billing, a team of experts, etc.), but there are advantages that are even more important: familiarity with your IT environment, on-site monitoring and disaster avoidance, and consistency in service and cost.


When you hire an IT guy for the first time, they are going in blind. They have no idea how your office is set up, so a lot of the time that they spend at your office is simply spent getting acclimated. Paying someone to “acclimate” is obviously not ideal, which is where MSP IT services shine.

After being at your company for a bit, your tech will be acclimated to your environment, and the speed at which you are helped increases dramatically. When you have a problem, the tech knows exactly what is wrong and where to find the things they need, and because you know them, you feel comfortable letting the tech do what they need to do.

This speed, in turn, saves you money. A dedicated tech can put out IT fires in half the time of others, so you’re no longer stuck paying for someone to get acclimated.

On-Site Monitoring

Because of the familiarity the tech has with your office, they can start seeing problems before they even arise. They will know if you have out of date systems, equipment that is too old, or a dying server, and they’ll be able to take preventative measures.

Instead of coming into work and realizing your server is out for the count and not knowing what to do, you’ll have a plan in place because your tech has been communicating next steps for handling this problem for months.

Overall, you’ll have a better understanding, and therefore better control, over your IT infrastructure.


An ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, was quoted saying that “change is the only constant in life”. That was true in the IT industry as well, up until the MSP IT service model was introduced. There are two consistencies that using this model provides: a consistent price, and consistent quality.

Each month you pay a fee for the MSP IT service, and that fee will stay the same regardless of what happens in your office. Even if your tech gets stuck for hours in your office repairing a crashed server, you pay the same amount you did the previous month. This is a great attribute when it comes to budgeting and forecasting. Not only that, but you can sleep well at night knowing that your IT infrastructure is in good hands.

Not only is the price consistent, but the quality is as well. Because you get the same tech every time you need IT help, and because that tech is backed by the same expert team, you get the highest quality of service every time.

Clearly, the MSP IT service model is the highest quality model, and it can give you the peace-of-mind that no other model can give. The final step is to pick the IT company that you want to partner with. Make sure you pick a dependable and professional company like Swift Systems that specializes in MSP IT services. If you are interested in looking into the MSP model, or if you have some questions, give us a call! You can also submit a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to partnering with you.

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