Prepare for All Potential Threats with Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Small businesses face many potential threats, including some that can cause devastation, such as a hurricane or cybercrime. To avoid being caught unawares, small business owners benefit from doing a risk assessment. When you recognize the potential threats to your business, you are better able to prepare and take preventative measures.

In addition to downed power lines and the loss of network connections due to snowstorms and other major weather events, threats can be in the form of intentional human acts. As important as technology is today, it’s vital to protect against such threats as data theft, cyberattacks, and phishing scams, all of which are common. A perfect solution for these issues is data backup & disaster recovery.

Human Error

Another type of threat to business has nothing to do with a nefarious plan, such as hacking into computer systems. Simple human error can cause your business to be vulnerable and exposed in various ways. For instance, an employee might lose their smartphone that contains critical business data. Someone might forget to change their passcode, exposing the internal system to intruders. And when backup is done manually in-house, an individual may forget to take care of data backup on the evening before a server crashes. All of these scenarios point out how invaluable data backup and disaster recovery can be.

Failure of Security Measures

Data is an invaluable business asset, and that’s why cybercriminals are relentless in their attempts to steal information or destroy files. Security measures should be in place to protect against viruses such as ransomware. With ransomware, criminals cut off a victim’s access to their own computer network and promise to restore it if a ransom payment is made. Oftentimes, even when cybercriminals are paid their requested ransom, businesses aren’t always able to restore their data.

If you have a secure system of backup and disaster recovery, you are always able to have your data restored to you on new or restored devices.

Loss of Productivity

Data is an asset that can be used brilliantly to increase productivity. When data is exposed to a virus or is altogether lost, productivity takes a nosedive. Employees are unable to work efficiently until data is recovered. If access to data is lost for an extended period of time, the productivity losses impact a company’s bottom line: profits. A reliable system of data backup and disaster recovery will help prevent productivity loss as well as profit loss.

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Swift Systems offers businesses peace of mind by providing complete disaster recovery and business continuity services. Features include database backup automation, redundant configurations, and remote application deployment. In the event of a lost laptop, disk failure, system crash, human error, and various other disasters, we will always be ready to provide you with up-to-the-minute data backup and disaster recovery services.

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