MSP Trends in 2020

Managed Service Provider Trends in 2022

MSP can help your business achieve its goals in 2022 and excel in your business’ growth with the help of technology. This is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends, as you prepare for the next year in business. Choosing the right managed service provider is crucial and you need to know that they are on top of the latest trends.

Let’s take a look at the most important MSP trends for 2022:

Managed Services Budget Breakout for 2022

The business technology market is approaching the $4 trillion mark, and this increase reflects the buyer trends in the industry.

Businesses are replacing their outdated technology with new machines to boost their efficiency, and it is estimated that in 2022, almost 44% of businesses plan to increase tech spending to allow for system upgrades.

Businesses’ adoption of AI is also connected to this increase in budget trends, as more businesses look to adopt AI into their daily activities. 

Businesses that are concerned about the security of their information have also vouched to bump their spending to increase their overall security.

A more ‘peaceful’ market allows businesses to grow and earn more revenue. The increase in revenue is usually directly proportional to an increase in the IT budget. 2019 has seen a rise in the number of workers employed by enterprises due to this period of growth for small businesses.

To cater to this growing number of employees, businesses have to spend more to provide computer hardware and other tools for workers to be useful.

MSP Model Takes Evolutionary Twists and Turns

Many new technologies have emerged since the start of the previous decade that we didn’t know could exist. Things like electric cars and other new technologies have popped up in the recent decade which gives us more reason to believe that the world is going to see much more of this evolution with the MSPs taking advantage of it.

MSPs are focusing more on cybersecurity to cater to their customers’ growing concerns. Managed service providers have also been growing from purely being technical support for the firms to being a technical consultant for them and this role only seems to be growing in this decade.

A growing number of cyber-attacks on MSPs are forcing them to add cybersecurity services for their clients as the increased protection is going to add another layer of protection for the customer’s data. Firms that do not provide cybersecurity services are declining in number and it seems like the industry is following this trend for their benefit.

Customers are concerned about how MSPs add value to their business. As a result, the industry has responded with consulting services to educate their clients about the features and services they provide, so that the business can better utilize them. This initially came up because MSPs wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Cloud Affects the MSP Business Model

A hybrid cloud has emerged recently, merging both the private and the public cloud, so that businesses can remain relevant and competitive. 94% of companies already use cloud computing and thus it continues to be an important feature provided by a managed service provider. The hybrid cloud provides opportunities for your business to grow and processes to become streamlined.

With the cloud-managed services market expected to reach $82.5 billion by 2025, businesses are focusing on a cloud-based solution for managing their most important business processes. Managed service providers are offering an all-in-one solution to businesses, incorporating data center services, mobility, networking, and security services into one.

Why Swift Systems?

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Data protection is also given priority when you use our services, as we take the utmost care in managing our clients’ technical needs. Your organization needs a reliable MSP to refine your cloud platform so that you can stay updated with new developments in the technology world. We keep you connected to the technological world so that your business can always give the best to its customers.

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