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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Offer an Optimized Security Stack

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer numerous benefits but none as important to businesses as a security stack. Cyberthreats are ever evolving and relentless. Continuous monitoring, expertise, and a multi-layered approach to security are needed. Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can’t afford to maintain the level of in-house IT personnel and cybersecurity that managed service providers offer. Fortunately, the security stack MSPs can provide are cost-cutting fixed-rate solutions.


SMBs and Security Awareness

The victims of email malware attacks are small businesses more than 72% of the time. In addition, 62% of all targeted cyber-attacks come against SMBs. Hackers have simply figured out that smaller companies are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than large companies. Those with bigger budgets and can afford to invest more in cybersecurity.

MSPs can level the playing field, offering optimized security stack protection SMBs can afford. A hurdle that may need to be crossed first, however, is to raise the level of security awareness at small businesses. Business owners need to understand, first, that it’s no longer a matter of “if” there is a potentially devastating cyber-attack but “when.” Old-fashioned methods for data protection are no longer effective. Although SMBs may not be able to afford to hire a cybersecurity expert on their IT staff, they can have access to one or more such individuals through a managed service provider.

The best security stack from managed service providers includes ongoing training of MSP staff regarding the latest defenses against cyber threats. This ensures that MSPs can recognize, contain, and eliminate cyber-attacks in their many forms.


Cybersecurity Must Flow within SMB Infrastructure

One of the challenges of cybersecurity is ensuring that SMB workflows aren’t disrupted by the security portion of the company’s IT infrastructure. Deterrents and some complications are part of an effective strategy for data security, but these should not disrupt work and lead to poor productivity. Experienced MSPs with a strong cybersecurity background are able to protect data and deflect cyber-attacks without interfering with SMB productivity.


Solutions for Upticks in Cyber Activity

Strategies for cybersecurity can’t be static. Cybercriminals often work in groups, use increasingly sophisticated equipment, and continuously find new ways to hack into computer networks. Personal and financial data is a high-value asset and cybercrime is difficult to prosecute, which means there is great incentive for hackers to keep at it.

If an organization starts experiencing an increase in phishing emails, for example, an email filtering system should be added to the security stack. It should be one that helps to quarantine suspicious emails that have attachments. With a managed security provider, awareness of the need for an added layer of security will probably come about more quickly, as would be putting a solution in place. Implementing new resources is easier if scalability is built into initial deployment, which is standard procedure for managed service providers.


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