Largest IT Managed Services Providers


Managed Services Providers or MSPs are outsourced companies that provide Information Technology services to organizations. They are working on a contract basis, with each contract varying from client to client. Usually, the agreement covers specific areas and tasks that need to be delivered, as well as some key performance indicators that have to be met.


IT managed services provider allows a company that needs IT support to procure and pay only for the specific services it needs. It is said that this model provides more stability for clients on an ongoing basis, and is less costly in the long run.

Largest IT Managed Service Providers

Top 9 IT Managed Services Providers

With many companies going digital nowadays, many organizations have decided to tap MSPs in their operations. This trend has paved the way for many MSPs to expand and be successful in their field. Here’s a shortlist of the largest IT managed services provider in the market today.

1: IBM

IBM offers a lot of managed services in the market. They provide direct services to organizations and give support to other MSPs. To enhance the existing skills of IT professionals, they also offer training programs. IBM, with its many business units, delivers the EDR, EDR security, management, and global presence needed to improve one’s IT environment.

2: Accenture

Accenture is one of the largest and most well-known companies today. They offer managed services that can help you to quickly scale your security and compliance operations. They have innovative technologies such as global cyber labs and cyber fusion centers that offer one-stop access to market-leading cybersecurity services. Their unmatched expertise helps their clients attain business and operational resilience using industry-leading tools and methods.

3: Infosys

With a generated revenue of about $10 billion in 2017, Infosys is also a leading managed services provider. They offer managed IT services for operational support along with strategic services at utility enterprises. Infosys combine cross-skilling and process automation to ensure a rapid turnaround. With its scalable delivery framework that supports innovation, they help your organization to align with its business environment and to mitigate risks.

4: Cognizant

Cognizant believes in a zero maintenance strategy, which means that IT should function without any unplanned downtime and other disruptive issues. Cognizant Digital Systems and Technology help companies to enhance enterprises by simplifying, modernizing and securing their IT infrastructures. This way, companies can adapt to high-speed change, safeguard the integrity of their core IT, and be highly competitive in the industry.

6: Wipro

Wipro’s presence is felt in a more diverse range of markets than some others in this list. It offers managed services, as well as business and home automation. This MSP enables enterprises to improve their outcomes through the use of their technology and consumption-based services. With its expertise in integrating software, infrastructure, business processes, and professional services, its clients’ business processes are optimized.

 7: Softchoice Corporation

Softchoice Corporation is known to deliver solutions and services to organizations through consulting, implementing, managing and product sourcing. Some of the solutions they offer are TechChecks, Keystone, Office 365, Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure. Softchoice is responsible for the management of Amazon Web Services. It has achieved exemplary growth in the migration and management workloads for Microsoft Azure.

8: HCL

Despite its low-key presence in the IT sector, HCL has been around for quite a long time now. Nonetheless, it has made more than $7 billion in revenues in 2017, which makes it one of the largest MSP companies. HCL offers sustainable and innovative solutions on comprehensive enterprise services, focusing on digital transformation and cloud technologies. HCL’s digital-ready IT infrastructure is poised to adapt to the needs of enterprises in the digital age while simultaneously delivering business value and outcomes.

9: Carousel Industries

Founded in 1992, Carousel Industries serves more than 6,000 businesses around the world, including small and enterprise-level businesses. It employs more than 1,300 IT professionals in 27 locations. Aside from offering managed services, they are also a certified reseller of more than 35 technology partners.

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