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How IT Support Helps with Security Against Ransomware

Most people have heard warnings about the importance of not clicking on links or downloading files from unknown senders. The pervasiveness of ransomware attacks is a big reason for those widespread alerts. IT support from knowledgeable IT security experts can help an organization to avoid becoming one of the unfortunate victims of a ransomware attack.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of cyber-attack in which the files on the victim’s device are encrypted, locked, and made inaccessible. The user is informed that their data is being held hostage. Instructions for recovery include a link where payment must be made. Payments are frequently requested in Bitcoins, where account holders are fully and irreversibly anonymous.

Even if you were to quickly pay to have your data restored, there are no guarantees you will receive a decryption key. People who have paid often find that they only get partial restoration, if any, of the breached data.

Tips for Detecting and Preventing Ransomware Attacks


If a ransomware attack is detected rapidly, it’s possible to prevent extensive harm from occurring. The following are a couple of the ways to detect and stop ransomware attacks:

  • As part of network security, IT support sets up real-time alerts that automate ransomware identification and blocking.
  • Another approach to ransomware detection is deception-based, in which encryption behaviors are quickly identified and automatically contained.


Strong cybersecurity measures should be implemented by IT support, as well, to prevent ransomware attacks from occurring. Top preventative measures include:

  • Tightening settings on browser security.
  • Installation of anti-malware software.
  • Maintaining updated operating systems on all devices.
  • Ensuring continuous data backup services are in place.

Another way IT support can beef up security is to disable macros and Adobe Flash, which are both known for making devices more susceptible to infections.

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