Helpdesk Support

What is Helpdesk Support?

Help desk support allows organizations to resolve technical issues quickly, allowing different departments to work more efficiently. Help desk support is responsible for arranging information, streamlining workflow, and reducing or eliminating manual processes.

Various IT companies have set up help desk support to answer queries from their customers. The questions and answers are usually transferred via email, telephone, website, or online chat. Moreover, some companies have internal help desks that aim to provide the same form of help, but exclusively for their employees.

A help desk support system systematizes an issue resolution workflow, streamlines information, and keeps everyone informed through email alerts. So rather than having to track down a tech specialist to get assistance, employees can just submit a ticket to the help desk team through email or a customizable web-based form. The help desk support will then receive, log, and assign issues to the appropriate techs automatically, providing convenience for all parties involved.

Ways on How Help Desk Support Can Help You?

1: Allow you to work more efficiently  

Employees can bring up their issues easily to help desk support so their problems are fixed faster. This allows them to spend more time being productive on their tasks instead of wasting their time dealing with IT issues. IT professionals can resolve issues quickly with the help of automated processes, freeing up their valuable time for more important work.

2: Easy resolution of IT requests 

Many help desk systems use a portal that provides a single location for users to create tickets, view the status of open issues, and close them out once they are resolved. It can also be utilized to relay important information to users which can help reduce the production of unnecessary tickets. Having one place for all IT requests makes it easier for tech support specialists to resolve issues immediately.

3: Multitasking

Help desk support systems have the ability to assist IT, specialists, in easily categorizing and prioritizing issues, allowing them to choose what to work on first. For instance, tech support can save time if he knows in advance all the issues in one location. If there are multiple problems in a server room, he could just go there on a single trip.

4: Improve workflow by analyzing trends

Help desks can provide you with metrics and analytics concerning the performance of your team. This informs you if someone on the team is falling behind in their duties so that you can make the necessary actions before it escalates further. Also, if you find a specific tech to be very good at handling a certain task, you might want to give all related tickets to him or her for maximum efficiency.

5: Manage due dates better

With help desk support, you can easily set, track, and communicate changes to issue due dates. This benefits both the IT specialist handling the issue and the employee who needs help. Due dates can be assigned automatically or manually, helping tech support sort the issues based on the project’s expected date of completion.

6: Lets you prioritize important tasks 

Different problems require different responses based on their severity. With help desk support, IT specialists can easily sort tickets and prioritize tasks so more important issues can be addressed quickly, reducing the chances of falling through the cracks. For example, replacing an old computer part is far less important as compared to repairing a failed server which could affect the entire company.

7: Use relevant tickets tosolve issues

Some tech issues are just recurring. If you have help desk support, you can keep relevant notes on any previous tickets and upload files needed to help solve the issue. This is beneficial for the IT department help desk team as they can just search through old tickets to help them fix similar problems.

8: Creates your performance reports

Helpdesk support can easily run reports to show how many issues were resolved by your IT department. These reports can help identify major technology problem areas and show the value IT specialists bring to your company.

Helpdesk Support: Swift Systems 

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