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The Future of Cloud Computing Services

With the numerous benefits that cloud computing services bring to organizations, it can be noticed how it has become the new normal. Cloud computing has helped society deal with problems including managing big data, cybersecurity, and even quality control.

Apart from this, developing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and many other capabilities are becoming available through cloud computing solutions. This transformational technology has enabled organizations in different sectors to deliver their products and services in a much better way.

If you are looking to get a cloud computing service for your business, we have listed here some requirements that you can use to help you decide which will be best for your organization.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cloud Computing Services

Factor No. 1: Complies with Industry Standards

First, you must choose a cloud provider that demonstrates adherence to recognized industry regulations, practices, and standards. While this is not the sole basis for the provider that you will choose, this criterion can help shortlist candidates. If your priority is all about cybersecurity, you must look for providers who are accredited with ISO 27001 certifications or the like.

There are various standards and certifications available today. It is ideal to search for structured processes, effective data management, knowledge management, and service status visibility. It will also be helpful to understand and ask the provider how they will continue to adhere to these standards in the coming years.

Factor No. 2: Supports Your Objectives

You need to ensure that the provider’s platform and preferred technologies are in harmony with your present environment and support your objectives. See to it that the provider’s cloud infrastructures, standards, and services are suitable for your workloads and management preferences.

There are cloud computing services that provide comprehensive migration and offer assistance during the assessment and planning stages. Try to get a good understanding of the support each provider offers and map this against your project tasks. If they offer services that are compatible with your business, get them to your team.

Factor No. 3: Gives You Control over Data Management

 Another key factor when choosing a provider is the location where your data will be kept and the laws it is subject to. You must look for a cloud computing service that gives you freedom and control when it comes to storing, processing, and managing your data. Evaluate their ability to protect your data in transit through encryption. Also, sensitive data should be encrypted at rest to restrict access to unapproved administrators.

Understand the service provider’s data loss, breach notification processes, and be certain that they are aligned with your organization’s risk appetite and legal or regulatory obligations.

Factor No. 4: Information Security

It is also necessary to assess the cloud computing service level of data and system security as well as its security governance processes. Their information security controls should be able to support your security processes and policies. User access and activity should be manageable in all routes. Security roles and responsibilities must be clear in the contracts or business policies documentation.

If they are compliant with standards or have recognized certifications, check if these are valid and get guarantees of resource allocation, such as budget and headcount to ensure compliance with these frameworks. You may also request internal security audit reports, incident reports, and evidence of remedial actions for any problems raised.

Factor No. 5: Reliability

Evaluate the cloud computing services’ disaster recovery provisions, processes, as well as their ability to support your data preservation expectations. This includes data sources, scheduling, backup, restoration, and integrity checks. The roles and responsibilities must be properly laid out in the service agreement. This is essential, as your team may be responsible for implementing some of these processes.

Moreover, ensure that your chosen service provider has documented and proven processes when handling planned and unplanned downtime. They must be prepared with plans and processes that include timeliness, prioritization, and severity level assessment of issues, especially during times of disruption.

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