Whether you are running a business with teams that need to connect daily, especially in remote setups, it helps to have a free conference call service. But like other offers in the market, not all conference call services are the same. There is also a difference between a free and a paid one, something you will learn more about in this article.

Why Use a Conference Call

The most significant advantage of using a conference call is it allows users to join meetings virtually. They only need access to a working mobile phone or landline and an internet connection to join the meeting.

Conference calls are significantly beneficial to organizations with remote work setups. They help both parties save money and time, all while being able to discuss ideas and brainstorm about their projects. Conference meetings can push through without paying for expensive flight tickets or hotel accommodations.

Whether it is a free conference call service or not, it does its job of allowing participants to gather in a few minutes. There is no inconvenience in organizing meetings, and all participants can stay at their desks in front of their computers or mobile devices.

Free Conference Call

Connecting with stakeholders from different parts of the world is not a problem anymore. Even if you only have free conference calls, you can still use them to communicate with the potential markets abroad. But you can do so much more during your conferences if you have a premium account.

Paid vs. Free Conference Call Services

Getting access to a free conference call account is nice, but only if you need a few essential services. A few features in a paid service will help you optimize your connection with clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders.

Most free conference call services offer multiple platforms similar to paid services.

However, the quality might be inconsistent or of lower quality among free services than in paid ones. If you want to feel and look premium to your stakeholders, especially clients you want to attract, a paid service might be better. You might find yourself dealing with a free conference call service that does not connect you as easily to people. A single missed conference call might cost you a significant deal and the financial opportunities that come with it.

Another factor that differs between free and paid conference call packages is the number of users allowed to join the conference at once. It is usually limited if you are a free account holder. On the other hand, Paid accounts are open to an unlimited amount of participants.

Free conference call accounts usually offer only the introductory conference calling services instead of the extra features provided by premium accounts. If you want more features, you would have to upgrade your free account to a premium one.

How to Pick a Conference Call Service Provider

Here are a few factors to consider in deciding between a paid and free conference call provider:


The conference call quality depends on how strong your phone and internet connections are. But the quality of the audio and video feedback during the conference still depends on the provider's preparations. Read reviews from actual users to check on the provider's performance first before deciding.

Number of users

If you usually host large conferences that a free conference call service cannot accommodate, it would be practical to get a premium service. The easier it is for you to send as many invites as you'd like, the more time you save during the event planning stage. You would not want to be cutting people off your attendance list because of the call conference's attendance limitations.


Some conference calls use toll numbers, an arrangement that will charge all the participants. On the other hand, the only cost you will pay is your internet or phone bill for free services. Be vigilant in checking for hidden charges on your next billing cycle.

Other features

What else do you want to do during your calls? Some users prefer to be able to screen share, use different devices, record the meetings, and get support. But the security of your calls and exchanges should be strictly kept confidential and safe from cyberattacks. Check what regulations they are subjected to follow and if they comply.

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