Why Having a Business Data Backup Strategy is Vital

Cyber threats like malwares leave businesses vulnerable and always at risk of losing data permanently. Major data breaches brought about by viruses sometimes cause unplanned downtime and ultimately, lost revenue and credibility. That said, without an adequate backup system in place, you could lose everything.

Signing up with business data backup services in Columbia and other locations can help protect your data as they have the right tools and expertise. Creating and implementing a data backup strategy is no easy feat, but don’t worry as we will talk about that in this article.

Business Data Backup Columbia

How to Have an Efficient Backup Strategy

When creating a backup strategy, here are the things that you should consider.

1. Cost

Choose a data backup package that is suitable to your budget. It is advisable to think beyond the initial cost and try to add the potential expense of a breach or loss. This will help you arrive at the projected cost of a backup system.

2. Where to keep copies of your data

There are different data storages available in the market. When choosing the infrastructure of your backup system, you must ensure that it matches your needs. You can opt for cloud-based backup or a physical backup.

If you're especially worried about the possibility of hardware failure or natural calamities, then you will want to consider off-site backup solutions. A remote cloud disaster recovery solution can help you avoid business disruption. With this, it is easier to continue your business from a different location and minimize the potential loss of money.

However, if you want to quickly back up and recover your data, on-site physical backup is the way to go. Without having to shell out a lot of money, it allows you to create data backups immediately. It also doesn’t need Internet access to function.

Finally, the most cautious solution is using multiple backup storages at the same time. This way, in case one backup storage gets compromised, there’s still another one that you can use.

3. Data risks

Companies should also think about the data risks they are facing. Aside from malwares, viruses, and phishing attacks, businesses can be also prone to calamities like flooding, fire, and earthquakes. To determine which risks you are susceptible to, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has my company ever been a victim of hacking?
  • Are my employees lax when it comes to security?
  • Is my business located in a place that is likely to have flood or wildfires?
  • Do I have clients that log in to my network to access data or services?

After thoroughly assessing your risks, it is always a wise decision to get an off-site backup and data storage solution.

4. Frequency of data back up

If your company generates data quickly, weekly backups may not be enough; hourly backups should be done instead. Meanwhile, for companies that do not produce tons of data daily, weekly backups may suffice.

5. Person in charge of the backup planning

To have an effective file backup strategy, your employees should also undergo training. Having further knowledge about this backup planning can keep things running smoothly.

Selecting a Business Data Backup Vendor in Columbia

When implementing a new data backup strategy, look for a vendor that can guide you each step of the way. Some companies offer all-in-one service, providing hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions. They may also assist you with employee training.

When shopping for a vendor, try to request a proposal from them. This will let you know which options are available to you. As you compare quotes, take into account all the elements of the project including:

  • The overall budget of implementation
  • Included features
  • The schedule and duration of implementation
  • The vendor’s integrity

Reading reviews of their former clients and asking them for references is a smart idea. Call and ask them about every aspect of the service they received. After you've obtained the details you need, you may grant the contract to the vendor you want.


Whether your primary concern is a natural disaster, cybercrime, or employee carelessness, make sure to consider each aspect of your backup plan in detail and then implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Having a secure business data backup system in Columbia can give you the peace of mind you need. They have the knowledge and resources on how to keep your data secured and always available. Call Swift Systems at (301) 682-5100 for more details.