How Can Data Backup Storage in Gaithersburg Fight Ransomware

Did you know there was a recorded almost 500 million ransomware attacks on organizations in 2021? By September of the said year, organizations had to field 1,748 attempts or nearly ten attempts daily. If the attackers succeed, it would cost the organizations an average of $4.62 million. If you don't want to risk your business, having data backup storage in Gaithersburg can help.

Five critical steps can maximize your protection against ransomer attacks using a secure cloud backup. You can talk to your service provider to incorporate these steps into your backup strategy.

Assess Existing Policies on Data Backup Storage in Gaithersburg

Ransomware attacks, changes, encrypts or deletes data. But you can counter these risks using data backup to ensure access to clean data even after an attack.

Some attackers ask for ransom before they give your data back. However, others would get the ransom and exfiltrate the data to peddle it to interested third parties. Recovering data backups is safer, more reliable, and cheaper than paying the ransom.

It is not enough to have backups, though. You should audit the data in various storage locations. Cloud backup providers will likely remind you about the 3-2-1 rule. It means creating three copies of data, storing them at two locations, and keeping one copy off-site and offline.

Data Backup Storage Gaithersburg

Provide Off-site and Online Copies

Cloud data backup storage in Gaithersburg has become a preferred option for some over physical storage media. It has surpassed what external hard drives, tape, optical disks, and similar options offer. The cloud is safe from power failures, hardware-related issues, and damage from natural disasters. However, it still is not entirely safe from ransomware.

If you talk to your cloud provider, they might also warn you about ransomware attempts on cloud backups. Some cyber attackers even purposely target cloud services by stealing login credentials and encrypting or deleting cloud backups.

The best thing for your secure cloud backup services is to include a traditional backup and store it off-site and offline. You could store backups in tapes and ensure they don't connect to any network. The same goes for portable hard drives.

Backup Data Regularly

Keep your data safe by setting a regular backup schedule and following it regularly. If you have off-site and offline storage, stick to the said schedule. You might need more frequent backups, which can be a hassle. It is a good thing you can get professional providers' help with your data backup storage in Gaithersburg.

You can ask your backup provider to automate the process, but it shouldn't end there. Regularly check your retention policy to ensure that you have clean backups, no matter how late you detected the ransomware in your system.

Cyber attackers are sneaky in using time delays to conceal the malware. Your retention policy should allow you to retrieve versions of clean data several backup generations away to access clean copies.

Keep Data Backup Storage in Gaithersburg Malware-free

One of the toughest challenges for backup providers is to keep the copies clean and free from malware. It might seem impossible given how persistent malware attackers are. However, using the air-gap policies in backing up data by using mechanical storage, such as tapes, and storing them offline does help.

Aside from going offline and off-site, you can also count on a secure cloud backup with limited data access. Your service provider can limit access and use critical data to stop a potential ransomware infection.

Test the Recovery Plan

It is not enough to be complacent about having a data backup storage in Gaithersburg in place. Test your backups to verify their efficiency, especially during the data recovery. Your backup provider should have the right program to balance data protection and efficient operations during recovery.

Discuss how long the data restoration process will be and which data to prioritize with your backup provider. These are vital factors to consider in case a ransomware attack occurs. You should also talk to them about what to expect if you're only left to work with your off-site backups.

Doing a dry-run of your recovery plan using your backups will show you flaws in the said plan. Your secure cloud backup provider will also spot issues that might put your duplicate copies at risk of contamination. The ultimate goal is to have clean backups without significantly compromising your operation during recovery.

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