Common Web Hosting Issues

With so many web hosting services in Bethesda, many people find it difficult to choose which one is the best for them. When making a decision, you should try to anticipate the potential problems you might run into and think of ways on how to prevent them.

Having said this, let’s discuss some of the typical problems that individual users and businesses experience with their web hosts. This may just help you in the process of choosing your preferred web hosting provider.

Slow or Unreliable Service

Web hosting services in Bethesda and other areas allow you to keep your websites online. As many people access the internet every day, you would want to partner with a company that has fast and reliable servers. This way, your visitors won't have to wait for a long time until your webpage loads. Delays of even a few seconds might push away potential customers. If you’re looking for a web host, try to ask some of their customers and check their websites for speed. It is advisable to sign up with a web hosting provider that promises high uptime.

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Lack of Support

Regardless of the website you are running, it is likely that you will need support in the future. If you want to raise a question about a certain feature or report an issue, you would need a team of specialists that you can talk with to have your concerns answered promptly and get your issue resolved. This is more critical for businesses as website problems can quickly translate into losing sales and customers.

Unfortunately, there are only limited web hosting services in Bethesda that provide reliable support. Look for a provider that has a technical support team with a 24/7 availability. You don’t want your site to be crippled in case a serious issue comes up on a weekend or late at night. Your chosen provider should have a knowledgeable and helpful staff who can answer your concerns. Reviewing customer testimonials of web hosting services can help you determine how strong a company is in this area.

Low Security Standards

Hacking and identity theft are becoming rampant these days. Because of this, having heightened security is an essential element that should be present in the web host you will choose. If you have experienced hacking, it just shows that your web host isn’t providing the level of security you want. But aside from that, you should also be aware about the type of web hosting plan you will purchase. Put into mind that shared hosting plan isn't the most secure choice. For growing businesses, they need to consider getting VPS or dedicated hosting as they give a higher level of security. Some of which utilizes two-factor authentication, making it difficult for unauthorized people to log in and access your website. Web hosting services in Bethesda should also have backup services so the clients' data can easily be retrieved if it gets compromised.

Limited Flexibility

Your website needs to evolve while your business expands. A good web host must offer scalable services so you can easily adjust the features you're getting depending on your requirements. Moreover, you would want a provider that has a wide range of plans so you can easily upgrade or downgrade your service.

You Can't Get the Features You Need

Just because your web host doesn't have the capacity to provide you the features you need, it doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the features or level of service you will get.

Does your web hosting company provide PHP scripts, b2evolution, Joomla, WordPress, e-commerce platforms, or other features you need? Does it support Windows or Linux hosting? The features you need should be available in the company you are signing up with. When shopping around for web hosting companies, remember the services you want to have in the future.

Poor Value

Finally, let's talk about the price. Don’t settle for a web host that offers cheap packages. Low price doesn’t always mean having good value. But you also shouldn't pay too much to get a reliable hosting.

When looking at plans and prices, always read carefully what features will be included and if they are reasonably-priced. Many web hosts offer cheap introductory prices but later on you'll be surprised with the renewal fees you have to pay. Some plans even force you to stay with their company for long periods such as two or three years. Carefully take note of the costs along with all of the features and services the company offers to know whether you’re getting a good deal.

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