A managed security service provider or MSSP are an outsourced company that monitors and manages security devices and systems. Some of the services they provide are managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services.

To ensure security throughout the day, MSSPs have security operations centers, which function from their own facilities or from other data centers. MSSPs are a big help to businesses as they help lessen the number of security staff to hire, train and retain. To know why you need to outsource managed security service provider, we have listed here some of the reasons.

Why Your Business Needs MSSP

Reason No 1: Depth of Knowledge and Experience

With the advancement of technology, cyberattacks continue to increase as well. Consumer data theft, malware and ransomware are just some of the risks that enterprises have to prepare for. When you collaborate with a managed security service provider, your business will benefit from their IT specialists' knowledge and solutions. By providing an unparalleled security expertise, they can defend your company against the proliferation of IT threats, allowing you to enjoy a greater peace of mind.

Managed Security Service Provider

Reason No 2: Innovative Technology

An outsourced managed security service provider can arrange and install advanced technology within your business organization. The improved IT infrastructure that MSSPs deploy can increase security protection and boost your company's efficiency, delivering clear and positive results. With general IT skills shortage and recruitment constraints, more and more progressive companies are choosing to work with managed services to gain excellent benefits.

Reason No 3: Thorough Security

Managed security service providers utilize a variety of tools including firewall security, network connection management, anti-virus protection, and security compliance to protect a company. Having an increased protection as well as a secure network can ensure that your IT operations are guarded from external and internal threats. Many management professionals and executives have already hired IT security providers, or have been planning to contract such services in the future.

Reason No 4: Decreased Operating Costs

Aside from delivering enhanced security, managed security service providers can also help you reduce your overhead costs. As they can provide you with the best technology and trained people, you can save time, money, and effort in buying infrastructures and in training and recruiting employees.

A lot of organizations are switching to managed IT security because of the monetary benefits it gives. Satisfied management teams say that this change has helped them make the most from their IT investment, managing technical issues and resolving incidents quickly and more efficiently.

Reason No 5: Compliance with Regulations

MSSPs comply with regulatory requirements, which include industry-specific recommendations and legislation. Hiring their services will be beneficial for you as you can just delegate this responsibility to them. They will be the ones to take care of this comprehensive area, allowing you to oversee your overall business process. In short, the service provider assumes accountability for your compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Reason No 6: More Time for Your Business

To free up your time and to focus on your core business activities, managed security service providers can help you. They can take care of your cyber security monitoring and management so you can concentrate on the key areas of your business operations.

Experts who are knowledgeable in the latest IT technologies and recommended practices can handle your Virtual Private Network, safety precautions, spam blocking, intrusion detection as well as anti-virus updates, policies and scanning. By providing you a comprehensive security solution, you will have more time for new business opportunities.

Reason No 7: Proactive Support

Your managed security service provider also offers round the clock support, ensuring continuous processes that translate to business growth. You can expect to have consistent monitoring, patches, updates, security assessments, audits and delivering timely emergency responses. With this, you do not have to delve further into the technicalities and detailed administration of servers, routers, switching equipment, databases or technical management of hardware. In addition, you will also have backup and disaster recovery plans.

Swift Systems MSSP

MSSPs provide assets, resources, and staffs that you need to shield your business against cybersecurity risks. With the proliferation of IT security threats, it's vital to have the right security to protect your company assets.

If you are looking for a reliable managed security service provider, Swift Systems is here for you. We have the extensive expertise that will help you build and manage high-uptime environments. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and requirements!

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