Common IT Mistakes to Avoid

As technology has become even more essential in the past years, many complications have come along with it. However, these problems are not just minor issues; in many cases they could threaten your business, as well as you clients.

In every business, the owner makes sure that the company can survive a data breach – in which your clients’ data are made public. Since managed IT services in Ellicott City are available, the company should be able to withstand a computer server crash that wipes out accounting data, as well as cope with inaccurate inventory reports and financial statements.

In response to the growing complexity of technology, here’s a list of common technology mistakes made by business owners and how to avoid doing it:

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1. Email messages are unencrypted

The most common mistake many companies routinely ignore is the failure to encrypt all company emails. Some companies take for granted email encryption because it can be costly and unconventional, while others simply dismiss the threat as insignificant. However, one thing that seems to be overlooked is the fact that every email could be intercepted by cyber criminals. Without encryption, all your email messages (including your clients’) are vulnerable to these attacks.

To avoid this mistake, set up an email encryption system to protect all your email messages and attachments like Google Gmail or Microsoft account, as these accounts automatically encrypt your email messages. A managed IT service in Ellicott City can help purchase and install an email encryption system such as Trend Micro Hosted Email Security or Enlocked.

2. Employees are not adequately trained

Believe it or not, many employees are not adequately trained to use their technologies. You can easily stop this shortcoming by simply asking employees which features they use in common products, including Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows, and their accounting system. This way, you can easily check if they are familiar with basic encryption, and other tools to protect data from cyber-attacks.

A one-time training is not enough. After being initially trained in using the company's products, employees should receive a series of training at least annually so they can be well versed in the software programs and hardware they operate.

3. Accounting system features are underutilized

Since the development of technological accountancy, many companies seem to ignore available accounting system features like mailing invoices, manual inventory, and automated sales price capabilities. These shortcoming may look like it is not a big deal, but these are usually attributed to a lack of knowledge about using the system's more advanced features and functionality.

The best way to handle this is by assigning at least one employee the task of fully mastering your ERP system's full set of features and functions in order to train the employee’s knowledge in the field.

4. Work areas are poorly designed

Workplace ergonomics are usually not prioritized in assessing employee productivity. Your employee may be well trained, but his/her knowledge can never be used to its full potential if the environment is not a safe place to work in. As employee salaries are usually a company's biggest expenditure, it makes sense to ensure that the employees skills are being utilized enough to generate significant developments for the country.

Hire a workplace ergonomics assessment provider to invest in making sure employee work areas and workstations are adequately designed to generate high productivity levels.

5. Websites are inadequate

Many companies have websites that are little more than glorified brochures online to compensate for the lack of useful and informative content. This is both an old and ineffective marketing approach that can neither attract readers nor potential customers. Every company that chooses to create a website should offer useful articles and videos related to their respective industry to generate leads, which can translate to prospective clients. The website should also provide relevant links to social media platforms like Facebook pages or Instagram business accounts to maximize the digital marketing scheme.

Remember that adding useful content to your website can attract the attention of readers and potential customers, so it is essential that every business could update their website content as needed, and release new content every week. Make sure to include interactive sections of your website to hold on to your readers’ interest.

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