Debunking Top 5 Cybersecurity Myths that Put Businesses at Risk

Cyberattacks are very real and very common. Movies centered on this might seem exaggerated but these are just few of the possibilities that could happen if cybercriminals were to stage a full-fledged attack. While small businesses believe that they don’t need that much cybersecurity, these misconceptions place their businesses in imminent danger.

To enlighten you with this, IT services in Gaithersburg gathered the top 5 cybersecurity myths that you may not know of.

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Myth 1: Your business is too small to be considered as a target

Contrary to popular movies where large conglomerates are always the target of cyberattacks, this myth lets small business owners believe that they are in no real danger. Thinking that they are not attractive enough as a victim, they usually lack in-house security expertise or more complex cybersecurity solutions. A research from the Ponemon institute suggests that around 61% of small-scale businesses have been affected by a cyber-attack in 2018. Similarly, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report states that small businesses account for 58% of malware attacks in 2019.

While multinational companies employ IT services to give them layers of web protection, small businesses who believe they are not at risk are left as easy targets for cybercriminals.

Myth 2: Only your chosen IT services are responsible for cybersecurity

To successfully employ an effective cybersecurity framework, businesses must have a good team of IT services who can protect them from threats. While it’s true that it’s their job to manage and maintain these safekeeping processes, everyone working for the company can actually be the weak link of a business that could potentially be vulnerable to attacks.

If you think that cyber-talk ends within the designated IT room, then you have it all wrong. Proper training on IT measures and practices must cascade to every employee in your organization. In this way, you can be sure that potential cybercriminals won’t have an opening to prey on your unprotected systems.

Myth 3: Passwords, antivirus software and firewalls are enough to keep you safe

For non-IT experts, antivirus software and firewalls seem to be a good enough solution in combating cyberattacks; however, this just isn’t true. With the emergence of new technologies, sophisticated hacking frameworks are created as well. There are numerous ways to get into a company’s system that isn’t protected by these safety measures. Most cybercriminals could pass through applications or even people. Despite this, you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you have the right IT services in Gaithersburg. They would have first-hand knowledge on the right safekeeping software to employ and would therefore make your business less vulnerable.

Myth 4: Cyber-attacks only originate from the outside

Just like any catastrophic man-made event, cyber-attacks can originate from anywhere, at any given point in time. While most notions lean towards external attacks in terms of cybercrimes, there’s actually a research showing that 75% of data breaches actually originate from insider threats. It could be both done on purpose or by accident.

Given this, cybersecurity training for employees must regularly occur, with the least being once a year. The administration must work together with IT services to create a detailed rundown of safety rules that could keep your business less vulnerable to attacks.

Myth 5: It’s easy to know if you’re being attacked

Malfunctioning computer screens, pop-ups, system crashes – these are some of the indications that your computer has been infected. Although, that was during the previous years. Now that technology has become more advanced, it’s becoming a lot easier for hackers to remain inconspicuous during a cyber heist. Now, you can continue working on your systems and computers without even knowing that external parties are already harvesting your sensitive data. To resolve this, it’s best to have a regular checkup done by your in-house IT service team so you can rest assured that your company files are safe.

Having said all that, cyberattacks can come from anywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint its origin but it’s usually easy to prevent, as long as you have the right IT services. Don’t let cyber criminals have the chance to prey on your vulnerable systems by believing in the aforementioned myths. As much as possible, work together with the IT department to ensure that all your bases are covered. If not, you’re just making it a whole lot easier for hackers to infiltrate your systems and that’s something you shouldn’t look forward to when it plays out.

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