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Your company’s network, computers, and files, are the lifeline of your business. If anything should happen – a server goes down, emails don’t work, printers don’t connect – your company loses money. You don’t want to hire someone who learned how to work on a server via YouTube just a few days ago. You want senior professionals who have the knowledge and know-how to solve problems, with the certifications and experience to prove it.

Swift Systems is proud to have offered managed IT services, cloud platforms and applications, data centers, and more throughout Maryland for over 18 years.

Tier-II and Above

Each member of the Swift Systems team is a Tier-II and above IT professional, which allows us to give all of our clients access to the highest level of services and support available in Maryland.

Why Tier-II and above? There are different levels of support that most IT services can provide. A Tier-I technician is someone who has a basic level of knowledge when it comes to technical support and relies on finding solutions in a FAQ or a knowledge base. If they can’t find the answers, they usually end up calling someone that’s a Tier-II or above.

Tier-II and above technicians have the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot issues. These IT professionals work through complex issues to solve the problem, collecting as much data as possible to find the reason for the problem, and then advise the best ways to avoid it in the future.

You don’t want to trust your company’s IT infrastructure to someone who knows just enough to be dangerous. You deserve to have professionals who will work with you to get the job done the right way, the first time, every time. These professionals are found at Swift. If you want your company’s infrastructure in the right hands, reach out to see how we can help.

Ransomware History
The History of Ransomware & Malware

Swift has been protecting companies from ransomware attacks for many years. From cloud computing to specialized managed IT services, Swift has the expertise you need to protect your company. Download this ebook to learn more about the history and best practices for guarding against malware and ransomware.

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