Safeguard your Business Website

The last few years have witnessed a steady increase in cyber-attacks, whether these be on government or business entities.

These days, whether it is a small, medium, or large-sized business, they need to fend off a new threat, aka cyber-attacks.

We are talking about cybercriminals and hackers who steal precious data and customer information from business websites.

With that said, you must consider hiring a safe web hosting service. However, make sure they are amongst the best IT services in Hagerstown for your company.

Best IT Services Hagerstown

As your business grows, so will the cyber-attacks to infiltrate your business website. The first step towards hiring a web hosting provider is doing proper research, and by that, we mean finding a service provider who provides the five primary services.

The Five Services Your Web Hosting Provider Must Have

It made you curious, didn’t we? Yes, we know you might wonder about what those five services are but hang on a little bit more!


The Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or Drives, shortly known as RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a specialized data protection system. It protects all your business data from spammers and harmful programs.

A web hosting provider with pre-installed RAID in their servers is the best option to choose for your business website safety. What you should consider when looking for this service is that it will cost a considerable amount of money.

However, if paying a little extra rids you of the headache of having to worry about cyber-attacks, including spammers, then it’s worth it.

2. Uptime

Uptime refers to the time when your website remains active, and the client can easily access it without any issues. The majority of web hosting providers promise a 100% uptime, which is far from the truth.

Cloud Hosting is the only hosting plan, which can offer your business website with a 100% uptime without any hiccups. Moreover, Cloud hosting secured against cyberattacks. The best IT services in Hagerstown provide your business website with a complete uptime.

In case, you have a startup website with multiple website visits, then connecting with a reputed IT service provider will always work in your favor.

3. Manual Reboot

A manual reboot is a feature of the VPS and dedicated hosting services. It provides you with a control panel for restarting the company’s dedicated or cloud-based server. A manual reboot is a great option when it comes to making some significant updates.

It is also a good option for tackling any issues on the business server. Your web hosting must provide the best customer support 24x7. Moreover, they also have many secured hosting plans, which provide the best customer service to resolve any server issues.

4. Data Backup

The majority of businesses always look for data backup services to handle any emergency cases. The three basic options for data backup include daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily backups let the user restore the last known version of the website data if the server fails.

However, some web hosting providers also give out manual backup facilities, while some offer a limit to the amount of data you can backup once. In short, you need to read out the terms and conditions in the contract when it comes to having data backup.

Moreover, you also need to consider factors such as if the backup is automated, how many reserves you can have, the location of the backed-up data, and if it requires any extra costs. We recommend you connect immediately with the best IT services in Hagerstown to get the best data backup options.

5. Quality Domain Names

No one can ignore the importance of choosing the right domain name, as it is vital to the safety of all data stored on the website. Although the extensions as .com and .org are pretty safe, there has been a change in this trend.

Some of the latest domain names extensions include .men, .click, and .work. However, these are also amongst some of the riskiest domain names on the internet. In case you decide to go with the regular domain name extensions, then connect with a reputed IT service provider to get the best options.


In case you are looking for a trustable web hosting provider to keep all business data safe from any threats, we recommend you connect immediately with the best IT services in Hagerstown to get the best service. Theirs is a team of highly trained professionals who can handle any emergencies related to the security of your business.

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