Before signing a service-level agreement (SLA) with managed IT service providers, you should have a realistic expectation of what their team can and cannot do for you. It helps you decide whether you need managed IT services or not because it is an investment for the long haul.

Knowing the usual services and limitations of an MSP can help you manage your expectations. It would be helpful when you're about to pick a package and finalize your SLA with the top IT managed service providers in your area.

What Managed IT Service Providers Can Do

Unlike general IT providers, MSPs often pick an area of specialization, but here are the things you can expect them to do for you:

1. Resolve IT problems

An MSP has a team of expert IT professionals who are well-versed in fixing many IT problems. These may range from daily technology issues to cyber attacks or natural disasters. You can outsource these IT tasks to managed IT service providers, and they will work as a responsive IT department. It's just that they are based in their own office instead of yours.

Managed IT Service Providers

2. Monitor network and systems

Keeping watch of your IT infrastructure is essential to what managed IT service providers offer. It allows MSPs to assess and foresee potential problems before they happen and wreak havoc on your system.

3. Work with clients to boost efficiency and returns

MSPs can do more than resolve IT issues. They can also suggest solutions and services to improve efficiency, increase your bottom line, and help your business advance in your chosen industry.

4. Partner up with clients to resolve an issue

If you work with managed IT service providers, they will likely assign a technician as your contact person and consultant. You can talk to the consultant about your problems, and they will offer solutions to those problems. They will be with you throughout the resolution processes.

What Managed IT Service Providers Cannot Do

1. Fix IT issues in an instant

Even if the best managed IT services provide quick solutions, the providers could not fix all problems instantly. There is also the process of contacting your MSP about a problem before they can dispatch a technician to your office and try to fix it.

The waiting game does not end with you hiring an MSP. Depending on the severity of the problem, it might take time to fix it. Not all issues can be resolved using cookie-cutter solutions. Most require a deeper appreciation of what it is about before MSPs can recommend possible solutions.

2. Prevent any IT issue from occurring

It is impossible to expect even the best managed IT services provider to prevent every IT problem. While it is their responsibility to detect issues and threats, not all problems are preventable and within their control. They can only foresee threats and minimize the impact if a problem does happen.

3. Find solutions on their own

MSPs are experts and highly trained, but they still need to know the problem. They cannot offer solutions if they do not know the full extent of the issue you are facing. As the client, you need to do your part by discussing the problem in great detail.

4. Dictate how clients should run their business

Their expertise puts the managed IT service providers in a position to make suggestions over what other products you need. However, their specialty will likely be limited to IT-related issues. They are not qualified and do not have the right to tell you what to do with your business. MSPs might offer you advice on IT services you need, solutions to your most pressing IT problems, and boost your operations efficiently.

Why Choose Swift Systems

Do you now have a clear picture of the give-and-take relationship between the managed IT service providers and their clients? You can set realistic expectations of your MSPs if you know what they can and cannot do for clients like you. These should be clear if you don't want to feel like you're wasting money on a service that did not deliver. A trusted MSP like Swift Systems will also be upfront about what they can do to help clients like you.

Swift Systems offer a wide range of managed IT services, including ransomware protection, IT systems maintenance and assurance, total network security, backup and disaster recovery solutions, service desk support, and compliance. If you are uncertain which MSP services you need, talk to our technical experts. Contact Swift Systems for a free assessment today!