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IT Services Paid for Results, Not Hours

IT service companies are traditionally paid by the hour with a Break/Fix model. It’s simple: when things break, you call the IT firm and they will come fix it for a predetermined hourly rate. This makes sense on behalf of the IT company, as IT problems have a tendency to vary widely in the time required to fix problems. That being said, it does not work out quite as well for the client.

The problem is that the interests of IT companies and their clients are traditionally misaligned. Clients want their issues fixed the first time as fast as possible, while IT companies traditionally are incentive to take their time fixing issues and won’t be upset if they have to come back again. That is until companies like Swift Systems turned this methodology on its head.

Managed IT Services align client and IT company incentives


Constant Pricing of Managed IT Services

Using the traditional break/fix model, you had no idea what you would pay each month for your IT needs. Maybe you will have a quiet month with no issues, or maybe your server will crash and you’ll have to pay thousands to fix it. Prediction is impossible.

Not only is this a budgetary pain, but it can, frankly, be a significant stress-or. While it would be nice to have an extra $3,000 in the bank for a catastrophe, that rarely is the case. On top of that, IT issues always seem to happen in waves. For whatever reason, when you have issues with your computer, other problems like connectivity issues seem to follow. Budgeting for IT like this is not easy.

To fix this, managed IT services work off of a fixed-price model that guarantees you will have an experienced IT professional (along with a team backing him/her up) that is dedicated to your business. Can’t seem to connect your new computer to the internet? Server crashed? Got a virus on one of your computers? Your managed IT service company will be by your side fixing it, for however long it takes.

Aligned Interests

The best part about this new model, however, is that both you and the IT company save money if they get the problem fixed quickly the first time. Because you pay a fixed monthly fee, the IT company wants to spend as little time fixing problems as possible.

This means two things:

1) They want to fix the problem correctly the first time so that they do not have to send an engineer out over and over again for the same problem.

2)They want to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

What if…

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, the “What Ifs” can keep you up at night. The only way to gain some peace-of-mind is to have an expert checking on your systems and equipment to ensure everything is in working order. This was very costly under the break/fix model, but with the new managed IT services model this is part of the service.

If your mouse stops working and your provider comes in to take a look at it, they won’t stop at taking a look at the mouse. They may notice that the software you are using is old and has security vulnerabilities. They may notice that your password policies need some upgrading. Because of this, you can be confident that you have a firm grasp on where your company’s IT needs are months beforehand. You will still need to buy new equipment periodically, but you will see the need months in advance and have time to prepare.

These are just some of the benefits that come with this new managed IT services model. This is the future of IT services, and there are some great companies like Swift Systems that have transitioned over.

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