Office 365 Account Backup to Prevent Data Loss

Data loss prevention (DLP) should never be taken for granted, especially with your Office 365 account. A good way to protect your Office 365 data is with a cloud account from a managed service provider (MSP).

Another Layer of Data Protection

Trusting data security to another company, even a mega-company, is a mistake. Protecting data is essential for the purpose of business continuity. With Office 365 backups, you can be sure that your data is available as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

DLP Assessment

Though companies have found that Office 365 DLP is not sufficient in some circumstances, it isn’t just Office 365 that needs to be carefully considered. These days, it’s essential to have a multi-layered approach to network security across the board. A data loss prevention assessment can determine whether the network security your company has in place will protect Office 365 data and all other aspects of an IT infrastructure.

Third-party MSPs often specialize in helping companies ensure that they’ve established a data backup and disaster recovery plan that far exceeds basic software and hardware protections and traditional firewalls.

Potential Threats Besides Office 365 Data Loss

Accessing your network using public Wi-Fi makes your data susceptible to hackers. Other threats to network security include email spam, phishing scams, malware, ransomware, and insider threats, to name a few. Weak passwords and a lack of encryption codes are also among the vulnerabilities that would be identified in a DLP assessment by an MSP. Being careful not to trust only Office 365 with the protection of your data is just one step toward viable network security.

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