Despite how many collaboration tools are available these days, businesses still go back to using conference calls. You can even find free conference calling services to see how these can support your business. The benefits might not be visible all at once, but you will realize them in the long run.

Here are the biggest reasons why businesses continue to use paid or free conference calling services:

They Allow Direct Communication

It is easy to sign up for online collaboration tools and apps, such as Trello, Slack, Asana, etc. However, typing up ideas or arguments during a brainstorming session might not feel as good as expressing them aloud. Typed messages and somehow delayed responses to long conversations might create room for misunderstanding. It will be easier to talk to each other through free conference calling options or through paid services if you want more features.

If you organize a meeting via conference call, you will likely get more participants than in in-person meetings. They don't have to travel to the meeting venue, and virtual meeting rooms can hold 50, 100, or even more participants. If you want to accommodate more, you can do so with paid conference calling services.

Free Conference Calling

Both Paid and Free Conference Calling Help Save Money

Even if you decide to get premium services instead of using free conference calling, there are cost-effective services you can find. VoIP conferencing is cheaper than video conferencing on a PSTN connection. It is mainly because the calls use the Internet instead of the PSTN, which does not incur toll charges.

Setting meetings up via conference calls also saves money by not renting out meeting spaces or paying for refreshments. On the part of the participants, they no longer need to spend on gas or tickets during their commute. They can stay in their respective offices or homes, get their phones, and press a few buttons to join the meeting.

They Promote Productivity

Instead of spending time organizing meetings and getting to them from different locations, you can talk to each other via conference calling rooms. You can also schedule conference calls for emergency meetings or when there are urgent issues that need to be addressed. It promotes more efficient decision-making. If there are unforeseen delays, you can continue working at your computer while waiting for the conference call to start.

They Save Time

It takes time to find the proper meeting venue, find one available on your preferred date, and choose a date everyone approves. Even last-minute meetings can be scheduled with free conference calling. People likely have access to a phone anyway. The participants can also avoid spending time for the commute to or from the venue.

Both Paid and Free Conference Calling Foster Meeting Flexibility

Without the logistical obstacles of setting up in-person meetings, you can now hold more meetings through conference calls. It would be easier to schedule calls and get more work done.

They Support Remote Work Setups

As more organizations realize the advantages of remote work setups, it calls for the benefits conference calls can give. Conference calling helps remote workers feel included and informed, just like how they would in an office setup, without the risk of being misunderstood or misunderstanding things. As long as your team members are connected to the Internet, they can join your paid or free conference calling sessions.

They Promote Teamwork

Conference calls encourage direct communication, reducing misunderstandings and miscommunications. They allow team members to keep on-task. You can reschedule conference calls, categorize them into different rooms for different projects or purposes, and integrate them with your calendar software for easy meeting reminders.

You can use free conference calling to boost collaboration among your teams. However, paid conference calling services might have the features you need to communicate with your partners, investors, suppliers, mentors, and other shareholders.

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