Top 7 Cloud Data Backup Storage in Columbia Provide

Do you want to risk losing your business due to data loss? It is bound to happen if the incident compromises customers' data, causing them to lose their trust in you. Fortunately, you can minimize this risk by getting the appropriate cloud-based data backup storage in Columbia. But first, you might want to learn more about the top online backup services available to you.

1. IDrive Provide

IDrive has versatile features that suit businesses with devices using different operating systems and specs. You can use it to back up data from devices running on at least Windows 2000, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. IDrive even offers Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Windows Server, Sharepoint, and Exchange support.

IDrive's 10TB storage makes it the perfect enterprise cloud backup for those who need lots of storage. If you have saved the data online, these will become accessible using a web interface or shareable through email, Twitter, or Facebook. Whatever data you backed up will be synced with your devices.

Data Backup Storage Columbia

Backing up and restoring data shouldn't take too long. IDrive took note of that and introduced IDrive Express, which hastens the said processes by shipping a physical drive.

2. Dropbox Business Provide

Dropbox Business is a cloud-based backup solution that offers storage and file sharing. It works for enterprise users, specifically small to medium-sized businesses. It provides users with different amounts of storage, such as 5TB and even unlimited storage.

Several other features make Dropbox Business worth trying. Its 5TB storage package comes with 256-bit AES, user permission management, SSL/TLS encryption, watermarking, and file locking and syncing.

3. Backblaze Business as Data Backup Storage in Columbia Provide

Backblaze Business offers affordable data backup storage in Columbia. Its excellent features include no bandwidth, capacity, and file size limits during backups. It can provide unlimited storage space to back up data from a single computer for a fixed annual fee.

Backblaze copies the data from your computer, external hard drives, or even USB devices during the backup process. As you make changes to some files, the program backs them up, too. Other excellent features include data encryption, anti-theft, versioning, and storing backup data on USB drives or flash drives for quick restoration.

4. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (CPHO) Provide

Acronis CPHO is ideal for power users who don't want backups to affect their system's performance. It works with external hard drives, mobile devices, and social media sources. Acronis is one of the most extensive online backups for businesses because it also comes with ransomware protection, antivirus, vulnerability scanner, and data restoration tool.

However, Acronis has a few downsides, too. It charges for every increment in storage space and device you want to back up. Its remarkable features suit those who wish to combine their backup storage with antivirus protection.

5. CrashPlan for Small Business Provide

CrashPlan for Small Business offers fast downloads and uploads and compatibility with Ubuntu Linux and Red Hat. It can retain old versions of stored files for as long as you need them. If you want unlimited space for any number of devices, you can get it for an extra fee per month.

CrashPlan isn't far behind in customized data backup storage in Columbia. You can set how long you can retain old and deleted files, the backup frequency, and where to save restored files. However, CrashPlan for Small Business does not backup mobile devices or ship drives for quick data recovery. It also has a significant impact on your system during backups.

6. SOS Online Backup Provide

SOS Online Backup offers backup for unlimited devices, even servers. You can use it to protect data from Macs, PCs, Android and iOS devices, network drives, and flash drives. It's not the only unlimited offer it provides, though. SOS Online Backup does not limit the file size, versioning, and retention times.

SOS Online Backup offers it, too, if you're looking for data encryption with your data backup storage in Columbia. It provides an encryption key, but you have to secure it because you can't recover it once it's lost. It also means that you cannot access your data from the web. SOS Online Backup will work for you if your data's security is of utmost importance.

7. Swift Systems as Data Backup Storage in Columbia Provide

Swift Systems ensures its clients' business continuity and data security with its data backup storage in Columbia. It offers mass storage solutions for computers and servers alike. Swift also gives clients an option to keep their backup on-site, off-site, or a combination of both. Wherever your data is stored, everything is encrypted.

If you want to get on with your daily operations without worrying about downtimes, lost files, malware attacks, or hardware failure, talk to Swift Systems. We offer cloud-based backup that includes routine backups, data compression, and data encryption. We can also ensure data security before the transfer, data center storage, and HIPAA compliance. Swift is all about scalability, web-based access, flexible backup and retention policies, and continuous real-time backup.

Are you looking for an excellent partner for your data protection and continuity goals? Contact Swift Systems for a free consultation about your current systems and what data backup storage in Columbia you need. Visit our website today!

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