Why Businesses Are Not Using Data Backup Storage in Silver Spring

Despite how frequent and costly data loss has been to organizations these past few years, some users still don't have backups. Only 90% backup their data, which leaves the rest vulnerable to data loss incidents. So, why are there still users who don't have a backup? Learn why and see the highlighted importance of using data backup storage in Silver Spring.

1. Sensitive Client Data

Some users forgo using cloud backup or any backup method because they are worried about their client's sensitive data. However, you'll only be putting these data at risk if you don't store them on an unsecured site.

You can find several options to backup your data, such as external hard drives, tapes, and the cloud. But these media need to have more than just storage space. They need at least 256-bit file encryption. If you want to work with cloud backup providers, ask them about this security feature.

Data Backup Storage Silver Spring

2. No Time to Backup Data Into Data Backup Storage in Silver Spring

Managing backups require time and effort, something you might not have if you're busy running your business. If you back up the files yourself, you need to monitor the available storage space and the integrity of the copies. But an alternative is to let professional data backup providers take over.

You can configure professional backup services to copy files automatically and regularly into your data backup storage in Silver Spring. It saves you time without compromising your data's integrity.

3. Too Much Data

When floppy disks were everywhere, you had to fit everything into its 3.1 MB maximum storage. There are storage media with several terabytes of storage you can use these days. You can tell your cloud backup providers about your preferred method and media.

4. Data Is Not That Important Anyway

Some users believe that the data on their computers and devices are not critical to your organization or personal life. You might think they don't need to be backed up. However, even personal documents, photos, music, and other files need it. Your business data needs reliable data backup storage in Silver Spring.

5. Complicated Backup Process

Understandably, you might get overwhelmed by the technical aspect of a backup process. However, it is simple if you work with a data backup provider. They can set it up for you and customize it to your business needs. You can even access the backups via the web when you need the backups.

6. Too Forgetful

What does backup storage mean? If you're still asking this question, you might not see how critical it is to back up files regularly. You might forget about it and keep telling yourself to put it off for the next day. That is until you run out of tomorrow, and it is already too late to recover lost files.

Don't worry about it if you don't want to keep a data backup storage in Silver Spring because you're too forgetful. You can find a data backup provider who can configure their services for you. They can set your backup during your business' downtime every day or even more frequently.

7. Backing Files Slow Computers Down

If you are worried about using up your resources to the point that it slows your devices, don't be. The initial backup might take some time, but the incremental backups won't be as long as the first one. The subsequent backups will only copy your changes to the last backup.

8. Belief That Data Loss Won't Happen to Them

You are lucky if you haven't experienced incidents that led to data loss, but that's just it - plain luck. There is no 100% protection against natural disasters, such as floods, fires, or quakes. You can't guarantee data protection against hardware problems, stealing, and leakage. It would be best to have proactive plans to protect your data, starting with using a cloud backup.

9. Copy Final Versions Only

You can choose to copy and save only the final versions of your files. However, it will put you at risk of losing a considerable chunk of your data. It might mean redoing your work from scratch, wasting your time and effort. You must save your files every step along the way instead of waiting for the final copy.

10. Use of Data Backup Storage in Silver Spring Is Too Expensive

Are you put off by the potential price tag of a data backup storage in Silver Spring? Ask your backup provider how much their service is going to be. Look for one with a free consultation when they can assess your data backup needs.

If you are looking for a bang for your buck among the cloud backup providers, consider Swift Systems. We can backup your data for all your computers and workstations and save them online, onsite, offsite, or both. Swift also protects data with 256-bit SSL encryption 24/7 in real-time. Contact our technical experts today to see what data backup storage in Silver Spring you need!

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