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Virtual Private Cloud Platform

Our engineering team at Swift Software has solid experience and time-tested knowledge in building and operating stable virtual platforms, allowing us to provide the flexible, scalable, and shareable storage resources that larger platforms demand, while also considering overall system performance and operational risks.

Scalable, Reliable, Green

Our state-of-the-art data centers are ideally set up for public-facing, consolidated virtual server farms and private clouds, with the reliable power, connectivity, and environmental and operational controls that enhance equipment lifespans and increase reliability.

Benefits of server virtualization

  • Save energy, go green: Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto far fewer physical servers means lowering monthly power and cooling costs in the data center.
  • Reduce the data center footprint: In addition to saving more of your company's money with a smaller energy footprint, server consolidation with virtualization will also reduce the overall footprint of your entire data center. That means far fewer servers, less networking gear, a smaller number of racks needed - all of which translates into less data center floor space required. That can further save you money if you don't happen to own your own data center and instead make use of a co-location facility.
  • Increase uptime: Most server virtualization platforms now offer a number of advanced features to help with business that just aren't found on physical servers. Though the vendor feature names may be different, they usually offer capabilities such as live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource scheduling. These technologies keep virtual machines chugging along, and give them the ability to recover quickly from unplanned outages. But, perhaps the greatest single benefit and far-reaching use of virtualization is in the the ability to quickly and easily move a virtual machine from one server to another. As the technology continues to mature to the point of doing long-distance migrations (meaning being able to move a virtual machine from one data center to another no matter the network latency involved), the virtual world will be in even more demand.
Ransomware History
The History of Ransomware & Malware

Swift has been protecting companies from ransomware attacks for many years. From cloud computing to specialized managed IT services, Swift has the expertise you need to protect your company. Download this ebook to learn more about the history and best practices for guarding against malware and ransomware.

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