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Business success depends on crisp electronic communications, which in turn rely on your network connections. Email spam and computer viruses attack and cripple networks, resulting in lost productivity, corrupted data, leaks of confidential data, and missed business opportunities due to lost or delayed email communications. Internet predators know that small businesses may not have the latest network protection, and it’s worth their time to phish for sizable company bank assets and confidential information.

Swift PURIFY Email Software Features

Swift Purify is a full-featured and externally managed anti virus and email anti-spam software solution that allows you to take back full control of your email. Swift Purify is a powerful and redundant system that stays up-to-date with hourly virus updates for filtering out infected messages and attachments, and has a powerful artificial intelligence engine capable of nearly eliminating all email spam. Swift Purify anti virus software acts as a filter using the below features:

  • detects and blocks spam or virus in real time
  • intelligent sender reputation processing delivers remarkably effective elimination of blast emails
  • intelligent learning system (bayesian rules engine) becomes more accurate as you teach it what you want and don’t want
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-ins allow you to mark messages as email spam or “good” and the system learns from your actions
  • easily customize black lists and white lists by email name or domain
  • easy to use web interface for viewing quarantined messages, managing your preferences, etc.
  • delete, tag, or quarantine options for suspicious emails
  • hourly definition updates keep you safe.

Don’t make it easy for computing criminals to wreak havoc on your business. Secure your communications with Swift Purify Anti Virus and Anti Spam software today to protect your customers, employees, and company.

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