Cloud services have changed the world of computing. They allow users to store and access data and software online instead of physical servers or hard drives. Users can get what they need from the cloud as long as they have Internet access. Now, you might be wondering what it takes to change how you operate your business. It starts with choosing the right cloud computing services.

The good news is users can mix and match the services from several providers to get cost-effectiveness, maximum efficiency, and minimal redundancy. It helps to know the best cloud computing services in the market this 2022.

1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure started in 2010 and has since catered its cloud computing services to businesses from various industry types. They offer Windows and Linux-compatible services. They facilitate faster transfers to the cloud using their Azure Migration Center. Users interested in what Microsoft Azure offers may try their free tier that includes the provider's popular services and more than 25 "Always Free" cloud services. Premium services have their covered plans and prices shown on the site.

Users who want custom services but want to be as economical as possible may try the provider's Pay-as-you-go service. You only pay for what you use.

As of 2022, Microsoft Azure offers a 12-month free trial.

Cloud Computing Services

2. Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers at least two cloud computing services, including PaaS and IaaS solutions. They are ideal for new users because they are user-friendly.

Users can feel at ease that anything they do in the cloud is safe because of Google Cloud's multilayered secure infrastructure, thanks to Google's experienced engineers and its drive for transparency.

Users can access Google Cloud's App Engine, Big Query, App Engine, Cloud Storage, and Container Engine. New users who want to try these tools can also enjoy an easy migration to Google's virtual machines with flexible rates.

Google Cloud offers 12 months of free services to see how their offer fits your needs for cloud computing services.

3. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wow its users with its highly customizable services. This cloud-based platform also offers different cloud computing solutions, such as PaaS and IaaS services. Some examples are Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Simple Storage Services (S3), and Elastic Beanstalk.

AWS gives users admin control using their secure Web client, where they can choose what features to use. It also allows users to customize their infrastructure needs, which is still cheaper than putting up their own IT infrastructure on their premises.

Users can choose from three models with different prices. These include the Save when you reserve, Pay as you go, and Pay less using more models.

Like the first two cloud computing services mentioned above, AWS offers a free tier for 12 months.

4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is famous for providing cloud services to support various workloads, from IoT to microservices and AI-dependent applications. Users can choose between two primary cloud services: storage data services and cloud architecture.

Oracle's cloud architecture provides databases, data management, and software. On the other hand, Oracle Data Cloud is mainly used to support big data analytics that provides business insights.

However, Oracle's cloud services are mainly designed to cater to enterprises, not individuals or small businesses. Those who subscribe to their services can enjoy 30 days of a free trial on top of a free service tier. New users can access autonomous databases offered with Oracle SQL and Oracle Application Express. Even beginners can appreciate the straightforward user interface of this cloud service provider.

Oracle Cloud's backup and disaster recovery solution assure businesses in the wake of expensive cybersecurity breaches.

5. IBM Cloud Computing Services

IBM Cloud offers different types of cloud computing, such as PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. It also provides cloud migration and hybrid cloud management.

Users can handpick everything they want to put on their server. It helps them save money by not paying for features they do not need.

IBM gives its subscribers a data migration solution to improve their data integrity and increase their chance of getting a higher ROI. It also ensures that its cloud computing services are functional by designing them for easy integration with other platforms.

However, IBM Cloud's service is not as user-friendly as the solutions from other cloud computing companies. Their service might be a little complicated for first-time users.

6. Swift Systems

Swift Systems offers virtual private cloud services through state-of-the-art data centers for business customers. This service provider can design and develop cloud computing solutions regardless of the size of the business.

Subscribers can enjoy Swift Systems managed virtual private cloud services, data storage, comprehensive integration services, and virtual desktop infrastructure. The provider has technical experts who can assess, customize, and deploy cloud hosting services that fit your needs.

Do you want to make the most out of your cloud computing services? If you want to ensure regulatory compliance, a tighter level of security for your critical data, and better performance, Swift System has private cloud services for you. Our private cloud allows you to customize the service to meet your enterprise needs.

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