At its core, best IT managed services companies enable developing businesses to unleash the capacity of an enterprise-grade IT support team. They provide stable network availability and monitoring, expert backing, and various IT services. Organizations can choose what type of services they want to be managed by a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and which they choose to keep in-house.

As compared to the conventional break and fix model of IT support, managed services companies provide the overall administration, monitoring, and fixing of the enterprise network as well as the hardware and software components of the clients. They may also be tasked to communicate to a third-party support vendor on behalf of your company for specific hardware and applications.

Furthermore, MSPs also find solutions to enhance the overall performance of the entire system. For instance, managed IT services companies may recommend transferring a software application to a private cloud to eliminate an out-of-date server that is slowing down business operations.

Best IT Managed Services Companies

1: Wipro

Wipro’s Managed Services is valuable especially with the growing complexity and heterogeneities of running, maintaining, and improving the IT systems. Its end-to-end service provides vital competencies such as due diligence, portfolio analysis, transition, and continuous improvement relevant to bespoke and packaged applications. With its next-generation, managed service framework, ServiceNXTTM, Wipro can improve its service flexibility, align IT with business core goals, and cut operational costs by up to 40%.

2: Accenture

Accenture is one of the best and most well-known managed services company today. They provide services that can push you in scaling your security and compliance activities. With its cutting-edge technologies like global cyber labs and cyber fusion centers, customers gain access to market-leading cybersecurity services. Accenture’s unrivaled expertise helps attain business and operational resilience using the industry-leading tools and methods.

3: HCL

HCL's IT managed services have some of the most noteworthy qualifications in the IT vendor landscape. Apart from executing complex global IT transformation practices, they have also helped operate productive IT infrastructure services for some of the top-earning companies in the world today. HCL has been gaining recognition from leading independent analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and Everest, to name a few, as a leader in core IT infrastructure management services. They have a proven track record of successful, high-complexity delivery, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions.

4: IBM

IBM offers direct managed services to organizations and assists to other MSPs. They also offer training programs to develop the existing skills of IT professionals. IBM, with its many business units, is one of the best IT managed services companies that deliver the type of security, management, and global presence needed to improve one’s IT network.

5: Infosys

Another leading managed services provider in the market is Infosys. They provide managed IT services for operational support as well as strategic services at utility enterprises. Infosys has a scalable delivery framework that supports innovation, helping organizations to align with its business environment and to mitigate risks.

6: Softchoice Corporation

Softchoice Corporation provides solutions and services to organizations through consulting, implementing, managing and product sourcing. TechChecks, Keystone, Office 365, Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure are some of the solutions they deliver. Besides, Softchoice is also responsible for the management of Amazon Web Services. It has achieved exemplary growth in the migration and management workloads for Microsoft Azure.

7: Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is a member of a giant Indian conglomerate. This company is leading in certain markets because of the highly innovative technology they have developed. Its managed service offerings are leaning towards providing IT support to call centers, although that’s not the only sector of interest to the company.

8: Atos

Atos is the most forward-thinking company out of this list of MSPs. In 2017, it has delved into quantum computing by launching an Intel-based emulator. The emulator trains its coders in the skills that will be required in the future when actual quantum computers will be used for many tasks.


IT managed services help organizations tremendously by delivering stable network availability and monitoring, expert backing, and various IT services. Today, several managed services providers have made a name for themselves because of their quality of work.

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