Serving Your Real IT, The People in Your Business.

Swift Systems is fully aware of the real “information technology” that runs your business. It’s the people who bring your product and service to life. And they need reliable IT tools to make your business run well. That’s why our proactive IT approach is really what we’re all about. We serve the people who make your business run everyday.

For the past 18 years, Swift Systems has been on a mission to change the face of IT by being a true, trusted partner for growing businesses.

We do this by providing a blend of on-site and remote managed IT services that put all of your IT needs under one umbrella. That way, you’re protected from IT challenges on a daily basis. Viruses, downtime, and hardware issues can debilitate a business. Having a full team of Tier-II and above IT professionals at the ready gives our clients access to the highest level of services and support available in Maryland.

Truly Focused

Swift Systems started as an ISP in 1998, finding the opportunity to deliver quality Internet service to customers in the Frederick area. The company quickly grew into a full-service IT company by early 2000, and was blessed with steady growth over the next several years.

“The crash of 2008 really forced us to sit back and ask what we were really good at. We tightened our belts and focused on the managed services for medical, manufacturing, and professional services.  That focus made us 10x better than our competition, and we keep growing.”Josh Yeager

Now Swift Systems stands as a managed IT services company that helps growing medical, manufacturing, and professional services cover all of their IT needs, allowing them to keep their focus on providing products and services to their clients.

Truly Different

“The difference for Swift is our team. We only send out Tier-II techs to our clients. The other guys send out Tier-I, and they have to call back to the home office to solve problems. We send the guy who can solve the problem”Al Dieter

Swift is dedicated to delivering exceptional managed services and solutions with predictable costs, and to putting the right techs on the job and on-site. No stand-ins, no newbies who need help. We send the best local techs to your offices to build and maintain your systems. Where the other guys cut corners, we sharpen them.

Truly Professional

The first thing you’ll notice about our staff is that they don’t look like your typical IT guys. They shower. They speak English (not geek), and they have personalities that allow them to deliver support to everyone in your office, from the novice to the expert. Never condescending, always available. 24x7x365.

“Our customers call us the clean cut IT guys. We like that. It’s part of who we are as servants to our clients every day. No one wants a sloppy, unprofessional IT guy in a tee shirt showing up to their business. That’s not who we are. I tell the team, ‘Treat your customers’ business like you would treat your mothers’ business. Help them any way you can, speak in their terms, and treat them how you would want the world to treat your mom if it was her business.”Vaughn Thurman

Truly a Team

The team-focused nature of our culture flows into everything we do at Swift. Everyday we are looking to make ourselves better at what we do. From team trainings to charitable opportunities, we live and grow as a team.

“I like working here because of the people and the cool stuff we do. We have a customer-focused team, and we work well together. We have an attitude of working as a team, and serving the customer well. There are no arguments – we do right by the customer and it keeps us all focused in the right direction.”Josh Yeager

Are you ready for a true partner for your IT needs? Contact us for a no-pressure quote for services.